‘SEAL Team’ Sets Up Action Packed Finale With Team on the Run

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Erik Voake/CBS ©2021 Paramount+ Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday’s “SEAL Team” ended on a suspenseful note, with Bravo on the run from the Venezuelan police after completing their Omega mission. The mission was overall a success, barring a few snags along the way.

First, Jason revealed all to Bravo, including his mistake in Mali; the team didn’t have any hard feelings about the building collapse, though. They didn’t blame Jason, and still held great trust and respect for him. They deliberated whether or not they were going to allow Jason to join the mission. In the end, Bravo decided to brief him on the dangerous plan and bring him along.

Next, during the mission, Jason and Clay ran into a maintenance man in the uranium refinery. They had to basically kidnap him, stuffing him in Davis’ van, who was on lookout. First mishap avoided. Except the man later tried to escape while Davis was busy, leading her to capture him again. The bag that was over his head unfortunately was left behind. The Venezuelan Special Police found it, heightening their suspicions.

Meanwhile, Sonny was in control of setting the charges that would blow the support beams on the building, leveling it. But, while he was doing that, the VSP found Bravo; Jason sent Clay to lead the firefight, while he, Ray, and Sonny set the charges. Only, their intel wasn’t exactly accurate; there were 9 support beams, and they only had 8 explosives.

In a stroke of desperate genius, they rammed their truck into the last beam, weakening it so it would collapse then the others blew. Except now they have to escape on foot.

Bravo made it to a secondary exit, only to find that it was blocked by a heavy steel door. Just then, Davis ripped the door off its hinges with her van’s winch.

‘SEAL Team’: Can the Team Escape the Police?

This leads us to the ending of this “SEAL Team” episode. Bravo is riding along, ready to be out of Venezuela, happy the mission is finally over. But, in the distance, there are local police cars coming their way.

This previous “SEAL Team” has set us up for something truly spectacular in the finale episode. Will Bravo get away from the police? Is everyone going to make it out alive, or is someone going to bite the dust in the finale? There hasn’t been a lot of news about a character possibly dying at the end of the season, but “SEAL Team” could be keeping that a secret.

We’re hoping that at least Clay makes it home alright so he and Stella can finally name their baby. And it would be just cruel to have Jason finally admit he needs help and then die. Injuries, sure, but there’s too much invested in these characters right now for one of them to die.