‘SEAL Team’ Star AJ Buckley Is ‘So Grateful’ for Peaceful Sunrise Over His Backyard

by Chase Thomas

There aren’t a lot of things as perfect as a sunset, is there, Outsiders? It’s the little things in life, really. With the holiday season here, now is the time to relax and reflect on those little things. It can be as simple as sunrises or sunsets. They’re both beautiful and are so nice to enjoy. SEAL team star AJ Buckley was no different this week. Buckley revealed that he was ‘so grateful’ for a peaceful sunrise over his backyard this week.

In a new post on his personal Instagram, Buckley unveiled quite the shot.

Fans loved the stunning visual. One fan wrote, “Looks like the perfect place for a disc golf basket!!!”

Another fan wrote, “Wow, looks like the heavens are opening up, so beautiful!”

AJ Buckley on ‘SEAL Team’

AJ Buckley has shined on SEAL Team since the show began. Still, it is a different kind of show with different kinds of expectations involved. Navy SEALs are a big deal and to do a show about them requires a lot of time and commitment to doing it right.

AJ Buckley spoke to Talk Nerdy With Us about this whole dynamic and said, “This is a dream role for me as an actor for so many reasons. The show itself follows the tier-one operators, these elite group of Navy SEALS that exist over here. They are the best of the best. What I loved about the show when I first read the pilot is that there’s this real human element to these guys that have to go do this as a job. What they choose to go and do and sacrifice.”

They are indeed the best of the best. The human element is an important one.

He continued, “It really goes deep into the home life of how families are affected, how these guys are affected coming home, the PTSD, and the support that they need, combined with the lack of support that’s there. It really opens up. We’re the first military drama that has gone into that side of it – I fell in love with it.”

There are the SEALs, but there are also their families. There is more to it than just the profession. The job is obviously arduous. Most folks can’t even do it. The show is about examining everything that comes with that territory and learning from it. It is exploring the uncomfortable. This is a bold, but also powerful, position for the show to take and attempt to tell real human stories on an overlooked part of serving and the sacrifices involved not just for the veteran but for their families as well.