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‘Seal Team’ Star David Boreanaz Laments His ‘Brothers in Arms’ With Emotional Tribute

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Jason Mendez/Getty Images)

David Boreanaz of Seal Team keeps his focus on what the show’s characters go through but even those whom he represents.

Boreanaz, who plays Jason Hayes on the Paramount+ military drama, shared a photo on Sunday. In the Instagram post, he also provided song lyrics for “Brothers In Arms.” The song was written in 1982, the same year Britain was involved in the Falklands War.

Those lyrics are just below the picture from Boreanaz’s social media platform.

“Brothers In Arms

These mist-covered mountains are a home now for me,
But my home is the lowlands and always will be.
Some day you’ll return to your valleys and your farms,
And you’ll no longer burn to be brothers in arms.

Through these fields of destruction, baptism of fire,
I’ve watched all your suffering as the battles raged higher.
And though they did hurt me so bad in the fear and alarm,
You did not desert me, my brothers in arms.

There’s so many different worlds, So many different suns,
And we have just one world but we live in different ones.

Now the sun’s gone to hell, and the moon’s riding high.
Let me bid you farewell. Every man has to die,
But it’s written in the starlight and every line on your palm:
“We’re fools to make war on our brothers in arms.”

Seal Team has its new episode titled Conspicuous Gallantry already out on Paramount+.

Be sure and catch Boreanaz and his fellow cast members every Sunday with new episodes when they run.

‘Seal Team’ Star Says Show Gives Great Insight Into Mental Health Issues

When you take a look at Americans who return from military combat, many of them are dealing with serious mental health issues.

Seal Team does show this side of military life, too.

Of course, there are soldiers who never come back home, too. Many suffer from injuries, scars, and more.

It’s those invisible wounds that need treatment and care, too. Post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury are things that can radically change one’s life.

For soldiers, though, it can be worse.

When it comes to mental health, there is a lot of stigma around it even today. But thousands of people are working to stop that. Boreanaz sat down with Entertainment Tonight to talk about the show.

In that interview, he opened up about how Seal Team sheds light on veterans’ mental health.   

Boreanaz said that veterans that are on the show “who have suffered from [PTSD and TBI] and have struggled with mental health, that reflects on our show.”

He adds that show creator Chris Chulack had this in mind from day one.