‘SEAL Team’ Star David Boreanaz Posts Hilarious Behind-Scenes Video of ‘How We Rehearse’

by Matthew Memrick

You got to love the fun “SEAL Team” stars David Boreanaz and Neil Brown Jr. are having after Boreanaz showed a hilarious “How We Rehearse” behind-the-scenes clip.

Brown Jr. is the one featured in the clip with Boreanaz filming. Quickly, you could have just named the clip “Who Broke The Seat.” Brown shows off some mighty fine acting skills as he tries to affix the blame to his “SEAL Team” star.

The men go back and forth over who broke a car seat, likely pushing it forward. Brown starts off by saying that Boreanaz broke it cause “he’s a whole lotta man.”

It’s a classic acting exercise in the “I didn’t do it, you did” technique. It became popular with the classic characters Laurel and Hardy. Just kidding. Not those guys. Maybe it was Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy from the 1980s movie “48 Hours.”

But it’s a whole lot of fun in just 16 seconds on Instagram time.

Brown ends the 16-second clip, deducing that the 6-foot-1 Boreanaz was the likely culprit. He’s just a few inches bigger than the 5-foot-9 Brown. 

“They’re going to know you did it,” Brown related.

Good thing Boreanaz is an executive producer. He can afford to get the seat fixed. Why do I believe him? I cite Brown’s “Big Man, Little Man” reason in my decision.

‘SEAL Team’ Actor’s History With Jagger 

Recently, Boreanaz talked about a close encounter with famed Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger.

On “The Late Late Show” this past Tuesday, the “SEAL Team” star said he once went up to Jagger, and the star growled at him.

Show host James Corden asked Boreanaz about his best Hollywood party story from his time on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” The actor obliged.

Boreanaz said he was at an awkward post-award ceremony bash when he spotted the famous singer. He walked over to the star, and before he could get three feet away, Jagger reacted in a funny way.

“He just does this whole, ‘Rawwrrrrr!’” Boreanaz said with a clawing gesture. “And I’m like, whoa. Mick Jagger was like growling at me. I had no idea what that means.”

Boreanaz responded, “I’m like, ‘OK, look, I’m not coming toward your den, bud, I’ll just keep passing.’” 

The TV show host then offered advice on how the “SEAL Team” actor should have reacted. But Boreanaz joked that he didn’t dare to engage Jagger.

‘SEAL Team’ Switch Soon

Sunday’s Oct. 31 episode will be the final “SEAL Team” on CBS. It will be at 10 p.m. Eastern.

After that, you’ll have to go check out Boreanaz on the Paramount+ network. There you can also watch previous episodes of the show. 

Go ahead and treat yourself to some “SEAL” fun.