‘SEAL Team’ Star David Boreanaz Promises ‘Wild Ride’ Dropping New Episode Preview

by Shelby Scott

Over the holidays, some of our favorite shows went on a temporary hiatus. However, now as we’ve kicked off the new year, many of those have begun to return. With that comes new episodes of “SEAL Team,” and based on star David Boreanaz’s latest Instagram post, we have a lot to unpack in coming episodes. Check it out.

As we know based on this week’s latest episode, Jason has continued to slowly lose his grip on reality, the impact of it initially coming from head trauma that “SEAL Team” showrunners have been exploring for quite a while.

Now, after last week’s episode, “Violence of Action,” Bravo team is struggling with how to approach the situation. While Clay is already in trouble with Jason, Ray appears to have approached their team leader himself. For all the good it apparently did. “What, he get in your ear?” he asks Ray. Other frames show a pistol pointed at Clay, who kneels before the gunman. Altogether, the soundtrack and featured scenes promise there’s more going on than initially meets the eye.

And whatever the “SEAL Team” crew decides to do, they need to do it fast. Although the “SEAL Team” star shared that the remainder of this season is “Gonna be a wild ride to the end!” we only hope that’s in an exciting, developmental way, and not in the way we ascertain from the preview.

Additionally, fans took to the comments to share their thoughts regarding the “SEAL Team” character’s gradual dissolution.

“[T]hat makes me anxious,” wrote one of Boreanaz’s followers. Another said, “To the end, I hope you mean end of season 5, we all want season 6.”

Still, other concerned fans wrote, “hope Jason is ok and the team pulls together.”

Will ‘SEAL Team’ See Clay and Jason Settle Growing Tensions?

As we saw in the latest episode of “SEAL Team,” Clay and Jason have really come to blows regarding the latter’s traumatic brain injury. And as fans know, the resulting damage has only grown in the time since Jason sustained the injury.

Now, Clay is coming forth to highlight the danger in which their Bravo 1 leader is putting them only to receive major backlash from Jason himself and resistance from teammate Ray.

“Jason brought that building down on us,” Clay insists in talking about a previously dangerous situation that came at the hands of their leader. “Not another word,” Ray replies.

Unfortunately, however, this is surely the kind of reaction that will continue to see our favorite “SEAL Team” deteriorate. Clay and Jason’s relationship as teammates and friends is on thin ice and, considering some of Bravo 1’s insensitive, even uncalled for comments, things won’t be repaired any time soon.

Overall, our favorite characters remain in incredibly difficult positions. But as we know, it always leads to the greatest character and storyline developments.

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