‘Seal Team’ Star David Boreanaz Says Show Is Source of Comfort for Military Members

by Joe Rutland

“Seal Team” star David Boreanaz plays a powerful role on TV, but also knows that the show affects military members who watch it.

Boreanaz plays Master Chief Special Warfare Operator Jason Hayes on the CBS/Paramount+ military drama. CBS Los Angeles caught up with the actor outside of SoFi Stadium on Sunday, where the Los Angeles Chargers were playing an NFL game.

“The first two episodes are really undercover,” he said. “It’s great to see these characters and these team members back together working and see how they work the system and how dangerous it is being inside that North Korean compound.”

The TV station said he also said that the show is a source of inspiration and comfort for American military members who are serving this country.

‘Seal Team’ Launches New Season on CBS Before Moving To Paramount +

A new season of “Seal Team” has launched on CBS, but it will not be there too much longer. After a few episodes, “Seal Team” will move from CBS to streaming service Paramount+. Original episodes will start airing there this season, giving the show’s writers some liberties with scripts.

Namely, they can drop a foul word in there if it fits the scene taking place.

“Seal Team” is in its fifth season. Besides Boreanaz, other cast members include Max Thieriot, A.J. Buckley, and Toni Trucks.

Showrunner Spencer Hudnut talked about how much Hayes worked on himself in Season 4.

Hudnut mentioned that because of the work done, Hayes has become more of what he termed an “all-around leader” on the Bravo Team.

Hudnut Says Hayes in Solid Spot, Adds That New Mission to Include ‘Personal’ Moments

He said that Jason is “probably in the most stable place because of all the work he did on himself last year.

“[Hayes] is becoming an even better, all-around leader, more of a sheepdog inside the wire and outside the wire,” Hudnut said. “He’s kind of more Obi-Wan than Luke Skywalker now, but he’s in a good place.”

A little before the Season 5 opener aired on Sunday, the show released a trailer to give fans a head-start to the new season.

It appeared on TV Line

Well, this clip led to more questions. Such as “Is the Bravo team ready to stop World War III?” and “Who is Davis eating dinner with?”

Hudnut said, “Not only are they going off on a mission unlike any they’ve done before, But a mission that will also include some personal elements that will impact each and every operator.”

So, another season on CBS for “Seal Team” is here. As we said, Outsiders, you can catch it there and then follow the show over to Paramount+.