‘SEAL Team’ Star Made a Trip to the Bayou in Memorable ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Role

by Joe Rutland

It turns out, Outsiders, that a star from SEAL Team appeared in a memorable episode of NCIS: New Orleans. Now we ask who and when?

That’s where we’re going thanks to IMDb. Judd Lormand, who plays Commander Eric Blackburn on the Paramount+ series, appeared in a Season 3 episode titled Music to My Ears. Lormand played Chief Musician Robert Riley.

In the episode, Dwayne Pride, played by Scott Bakula, takes temporary custody of a 9-year-old boy who’s the sole witness to the murder of his aunt – a member of the United States Navy Band.

NCIS: New Orleans was on CBS for seven seasons from 2014-21.

This year, SEAL Team made the move from CBS to Paramount+. David Boreanaz and Max Thieriot are among the stars on the show.

‘SEAL Team’ Actor Breaks Down Uncertainty Of An Acting Career

While SEAL Team gives Judd Lormand a place to show his acting abilities, he also talked about the uncertainty of a career.

Yes, a career as an actor.

Lormand talked about it in an interview with Pop Culturalist

He reflected upon his experiences as well as behind-the-scenes topics SEAL Team fans don’t typically see on screen. It is his explanation of why being an actor in the show business industry can be so difficult does offer some insights.

Lormand says that prior to SEAL Team, “I would always go from one gig to the next.”

He also says, “When you’re doing that, you might complete two or three days working on a movie, and you may have nothing lined up after that. You have no idea where the next paycheck is coming from.”

So he knows what it’s like to be under the gun financially.

Lormand also talks about the stress this puts on an actor and family.

“You need a partner who’s able to pick up your slack when you’re gone,” he said. “But also have the mentality that there are no guarantees on where the next check is coming from.”

Lormand Talks About Where His Desire To Become An Actor Started

Everyone who wants to become something in their lives usually starts with a dream.

Well, Lormand talks about his love for acting. It had an important place in his youth.

The SEAL Team actor said he’s had a passion for it since being in grade school.

“I remember doing plays in second and third grade when I was living in Saudi Arabia,” he said. “It was one of those things that I just loved. Then in middle school, I did some more acting as well. In middle and high school, I started doing competitive drama, which was so much fun for me.”

In high school, he chose drama over amateur wrestling.