‘SEAL Team’ Star Max Theriot’s Son Saddles Up on His Back in Adorable Video: ‘Sorry I’m Fun’

by Anna Dunn

SEAL Team star Max Theriot’s son saddles up on his back in an adorable new video. Theriot plays Clay Spenser on the CBS Drama, but when he’s not on TV, he’s being a dad. He shared the video in a recent Instagram post.

“Yep… some days I’m a dad… other days I’m a horse,” the actor wrote. “#sorryimfun.”

Theriot is the father of two children who he had with his wife, Alexis.

Theriot had to go through some Physically Demanding challenges to Get on ‘SEAL Team’

Running on all fours with your kid on your back is absolutely nothing for Theriot considering the physical challenges he had to go through for SEAL Team. In an interview with Seat42F, he talked about what it takes to be on the show.

The course that we ran the other day was super challenging,” he detailed. “The rope climb wasn’t too bad. We ended up going the rope wall like twenty feet, not like twelve. We did the full course probably like four or five times, so I was really tired after going through it that many times.”

Considering how active everyone on SEAL Team is, the day-to-day filming responsibilities of the role are also super demanding. Thankfully, that’s just what Theriot was looking for.

“I was definitely considering more physical,” Thieriot said. “So this kind of checked off all of those boxes.”

Theriot’s previous work on shows like Bates Motel and Texas Rising weren’t as demanding.

The Show Will Move to Paramount +

Now, the show enters its fifth season. It’ll start on CBS before moving to Paramount+ exclusively. You can catch season 5 episode 1, Trust But Verify, on CBS on October 10th at 10/9 central after the season premiere of NCIS: Los Angeles. The first episode will follow a major team effort.

The show will air four episodes on CBS before making the jump to paramount +. This has been a source of frustration to the fans, but star David Boreanaz defended the move, citing more creative freedom now that they’re going off-network.

“I know we’ll be able to take our show to a deeper, darker place as far as storytelling is concerned,” he told TV Insider. “You have the ability to be a little bit more creative and you definitely have more screen time.”

Fans were worried that SEAL Team was going to get canceled last year as well. So while the move is unfortunate for fans who were hoping they didn’t have to buy another streaming service to watch their favorite show, it may have been the only option. EIther way, many are excited to see the show return and to pick up right where season 4 left off.