‘SEAL Team’ Star Max Thieriot Remembers ‘Growing Up on a Farm’ in Heartfelt Message About New Show

by Michael Freeman

SEAL Team star Max Thieriot is an accomplished actor but also dabbles with directing and producing. After news got out he’s currently working on a new drama, he posted a heartfelt message and remembers “growing up on a farm.”

Deadline recently published an article claiming Max Thieriot is working on a new CBS drama, Cal Fire. After seeing the article for himself, Thieriot confirms its validity and posted a heartfelt message on Instagram about how far he’s come. “Growing up on a farm,” he never expected to become an actor, director, or producer.

“Well looks like the cat is out of the bag,” Thieriot captions the post. “Growing up on a farm in a small town in Northern California I never imaged I’d become an actor or director or producer or anything close to these things but I couldn’t be more grateful. I always knew I loved to tell stories and this one means a lot to me. Thank you @cbstvstudios @cbstv @jerrybruckheimer @kargfm @anna-dunnlittmanji @tvphelan @joanrater for believing! All your love and support means the world to me! For everyone out there with a dream… chase it! Because a dream won’t chase you back.”

In one of the post photos, we see Cal Fire is inspired by Max Theiriot’s own experiences growing up. The plot involves a man named Bode Donovan, a convict who joins a firefighting program for a reduced prison sentence. It returns him to his small Northern California hometown, where he battles fires with elite firefighters.

The comment section is glowing with praise and congratulations for Thieriot, though some are concerned with his future on SEAL Team. Regardless, it’s an exciting time for him and it’s great he’s doing something he obviously loves.

Max Thieriot Discusses What it’s Like Directing ‘SEAL Team’

Though he portrays Clay Spenser on SEAL Team, Max Thieriot is obviously interested in more than just acting. As it turns out, he’s directed the show and weighed in on the experience.

Speaking to Parade, Thieriot talked about what it’s like to direct the popular show. “It’s definitely a different show to direct. For me, directing the show is nice, because it’s a show that I have been on since the beginning. So, I know the look, I know the feel, I know everything about it.”

Further, Thieriot likes it because it’s such a creative process for him. No surprise, given he’ll be directing his own CBS show before too long. “And I’m also one of those people that when it comes to directing, I understand it,” he continued. “It all really just makes sense to me. And so, it comes easier to me than acting. And so, I put in a ton of work, basically, creating the entire thing in my head, and I sit down and I draw stuff, and I listen to music. I have a really interesting process.”