‘SEAL Team’ Star Max Thieriot Reveals ‘Most Fun Part’ of Playing His Character

by Anna Dunn

SEAL Team star Max Thieriot once revealed the “most fun part” of playing his character. Thieriot plays Clay Spenser on the Paramount + series.

In a recent post made by SEAL Team’s Instagram account, Thieriot discusses the ins and outs of playing Spenser.

“@maxthieriot gives us a peek into playing Clay Spenser on #SEALTeam. Catch new episodes exclusively on @paramountplus,” the account writes.

“He’s certainly the type of person who doesn’t really half-ass and does everything 100%,” Thieriot says of Clay Spenser.

But while he loves his character, his favorite part about playing Clay is something all of the actors on the show get to do.

“I think the most fun part about playing Clay is to get to play pretend and get paid to do it and go to some awesome places and have a lot of fun with great people,” he explains.

Additionally in the video, Thieriot talks about the nuances that Clay has to deal with. He has to balance his life fighting the war and also coming home to a sick father and a pregnant partner. It’s incredibly difficult to balance, and that’s what we’re really seeing him deal with this season.

Thieriot Recently Directed an Episode of ‘SEAL TEAM’

On top of really delving into his character this year in front of the camera, Thieriot has also done some work behind it. The actor recently directed an episode of the show and talked about that experience.

“For me, directing the show is nice, because it’s a show that I have been on since the beginning. So, I know the look, I know the feel, I know everything about it,” he said in an interview in April. Right now, he has two directing credits for SEAL Team. He directed a 2020 episode called Drawdown and the 2021 episode called Rearview Mirror.

For him, his work as an actor gave him an inside edge as a director. It wasn’t his first directing credit, however. He also directed a 2017 episode of Bates Motel called Hidden.

He’s also noted that despite the fact that he has more acting experience, directing comes way more naturally to him. Hopefully, Thieriot will get the opportunity to direct more episodes soon.

“I’m also one of those people that when it comes to directing, I understand it. It all really just makes sense to me. And so, it comes easier to me than acting. And so, I put in a ton of work, basically, creating the entire thing in my head,” he said.

If you want to watch SEAL Team, the show has officially made the move from CBS to Paramount +. You can find every episode, including any new episodes, on the streaming service.