‘Seal Team’ Star Max Thieriot Reveals One Way the Cast Bonds Off-Screen

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2021 Paramount+ Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The “SEAL Team” cast has basically become a family over the past 4 years the show has been on television. Star Max Thieriot has shared what they do to bond, and how they’ve become so close over the years.

According to Thieriot, the cast plays hockey to bond over their breaks. Nothing like being on a hockey team together to get you in the mindset of being on a SEAL Team together. David Boreanaz, who plays Jason Hayes on the show, is already an avid hockey player; I imagine he had something to do with setting the cast up on the ice.

Recently on “SEAL Team,” Bravo Team finds themselves in the hospital after a building explodes while they’re on assignment. Apparently, the explosion was Jason’s fault, and he spent the episode grappling with guilt and trying to piece together what happened. It’s all because of his traumatic brain injury leading him to forget and have blackouts.

So far, Jason hasn’t told anyone about his TBI. It’s possible he sees it as a weakness and doesn’t want his life to drastically change. If he admits he’s forgetting things, he could be forced to retire. That may happen now that the team has been seriously injured on his watch. We’ll have to tune in to the next episode on Paramount+ to find out how things resolve.

AJ Buckley On Why Fans Keep Coming Back to ‘SEAL Team’

There’s been a lot of strife recently over “SEAL Team” moving to Paramount+, but before all that, fans were always coming back for more. AJ Buckley, who plays Sonny Quinn, spoke about the phenomenon in March this year.

“Well, I think it humanizes these warriors, these men, and women that gave up so much for their country, and then they come back,” said Buckley. “They have been away for eight weeks; they have been away for a year, not seeing their family, putting their life on the line. That toll on a family alone is a lot.”

That aspect of the show keeps fans interested, keeps them humble, and reminds them of what real-life military service members go through and have previously gone through. The accuracy of the show is what brings the characters to life for fans. It keeps veterans’ stories alive by portraying them in popular media. Fans get a look at mental illness, injury, and comradery, all of which are elements of active duty military life.

“SEAL Team” does these elements very well. Fans care about the characters, and their stories, and want to come back for more. That’s what keeps the show going, and what has kept it going for 4 years. Hopefully, there’s more to be had of “SEAL Team” as the years go on.