‘SEAL Team’ Star Max Thieriot Takes in Incredible Mountain Views in Pics Celebrating the Great Outdoors

by Liz Holland
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“SEAL Team” star Max Thieriot took a moment online to pause and celebrate the finer things in life. The actor shared an Instagram post on Sunday reminding his followers to get outside and enjoy nature this year.

The picture shows Thieriot taking in a spectacular mountain view. He’s squinting into the sun as he bears a happy grin. “My spirit soars where the air grows thin” Got my mind on the mountains lately! Happy 2022! Whatever path you choose to take, I recommend making sure at least some of it is dirt,” the star writes. 

It seems like Thieriot’s sentiment is already inspiring others. One follower commented that the post made them want to spend time in Colorado at Estes Park. The park is certainly a breathtaking spot for mountain lovers. 

With such a busy acting career, it’s no wonder why Max Thieriot prioritizes spending time outside. In April of 2021, the actor wore two hats for a special episode of “SEAL Team.” For those who may be unfamiliar, “SEAL Team” is the CBS show he stars in. He took the chance to direct an episode of the show, a Season 4 segment called “Rearview Mirror.”

Thieriot opened up in an interview with “CarterMatt” last year about the experience. 

Max Thieriot Talks Directing a ‘SEAL Team’ Episode in Season 4

“I love directing on SEAL Team it’s great working with a lot of people that I know. The hardest thing for me directing on television is that it’s not your idea,” Thieriot told platform. “SEAL Team’s not my show and you’re executing someone else’s vision. What you’re trying to do is elevate the material and execute the best version of the script you get.” He goes on to explain where he would like to go with his creative endeavors in the future. He continues, “What I’d like to do [eventually] is get into directing film and other stuff I create myself — it’s more a reflection of me and my vision. At the same time, this is so much fun — it’s a lot of work, and I’m getting to push myself creatively.”

Directing the episode wasn’t easy. Thieriot explained it was a struggle to try and fit so much information into one episode, attempting to tie up necessary loose ends before characters left for deployment. “Because of the pandemic, we were forced to tighten our season up on the back end. There were a lot of things we wanted to get across and get done that we had to eat up in a short period of time. That’s always challenging, right? You can’t play these things over two episodes, so I had to find a way to squeeze them into one and then tell the beginning of a deployment,” he recalls.

The Star Enjoys Being Challenged In His Work

However, he added that the challenge of it all is what makes the job so fun. “We all, as directors, love to get an episode where there are helicopters and crazy action and blowing up stuff all day. But honestly, when you’re trying to challenge yourself, having an episode like this where you’re trying to convey all of this information and keep it tight, and also keep the emotion and the weight of each scene, is more helpful. I’m learning more.”

New episodes of “SEAL Team” air Sundays on Paramount+.