‘SEAL Team’ Star Toni Trucks Opens Up About Her Character’s Relationship with Sonny Quinn

by Hannah Heser

The fifth season of SEAL Team is returning with Toni Trucks and Sonny Quinn back in action. And there is talk that the show is going to be better than before the break.

In this CBS series, SEAL Team takes fans on a wild journey every week. Sometimes the characters get themselves in sticky situations, but it wouldn’t be entertaining if they didn’t. So, are you ready to go on this journey with them? Because it is the best one yet.

Also, SEAL Team’s very own Toni Trucks recently opened up about her character’s relationship with Sonny Quinn. Trucks really enjoys playing her character, Lisa Davis, because she isn’t shy with anyone. And some people are predicting that a reunion with Sonny is back on the table. Do you agree?

Toni Trucks Character’s Relationship With Sonny Quinn

First of all, Lisa Davis is always willing to go the extra mile for everyone she knows. And the official SEAL Team Instagram account shared a special post a few hours ago to recognize that.

“I think she wants to be on her own,” Davis said in the video. “But she wants to keep everybody she loves safe.”

This means that she’s an independent person, but she still cares for her friends and family on the show. And one of those friends is Sonny Quinn.

We all know that this isn’t the first relationship to spark on the show. But could it be the one that lasts the longest?

According to a few changes in season four, fans believe the two characters could be trying to make things work again. They left a few clues for viewers to solve the mystery.

Throughout the last four seasons, Sonny and Lisa have had an on-off relationship that creates more drama on the show, according to Express. Could the decision Sonny made at the end of season four be a regret for season five? Or will Lisa end up forgiving him?

Fans shared predictions with Express for season five and most of them include Sonny and Lisa’s relationship. It’s too early in the season, but we’ll find out what they decide to do soon.

AJ Buckley Reveals A Lot of Similarities With His Character Sonny Quinn

Not only is Sonny Quinn sparking up a potential romance, but he’s also sharing similarities with AJ Buckley himself. For example, they both love their looks, making jokes on set, and being genuine.

Therefore, how can Lisa Davis not want to be in a relationship with him?