‘SEAL Team’ Star Toni Trucks Reveals What She Loves Most About Her Lisa Davis Character

by Taylor Cunningham

Meet Toni Trucks—star of SEAL Team.

In the CBS drama, Trucks plays Lisa Davis, a former U.S. Navy Lieutenant Junior Grade who currently serves as Bravo team’s lead intelligence officer.

Truck’s character has been with the series since its first episode. And she’s gone through a lot of danger and drama throughout the story. But no matter the challenge, Lisa Davis always proves that she’s SEAL Teams resident badass.

Because of that, SEAL Team highlighted the character on its official Instagram Page. And during an interview, Trucks revealed what she loves most about her Lisa Davis persona.

“@tonitrucks gives us a behind-the-scenes look into playing Lisa Davis on #SEALTeam,” the show wrote alongside the video clip.

“I think what I love most about Davis is, despite her history, she continues to make the scary choice—the uncomfortable choice,” Toni Trucks shared.

As an extra bonus, Toni Trucks teased that those qualities are going to shine in upcoming issues.

“In this season, we’re going to see her take on two major challenges, which are her personal life and her professional life,” she continued. And as you’d expect, her “dance” with Sonny will continue while she’s meeting those challenges.

And you can watch the story begin to unravel tonight! Because SEAL Team officially breaks its fall hiatus at 10/9 C on CBS.

The ‘SEAL Team’ Actors Train with Real Soldiers

In order to keep SEAL Team authentic, the Bravo actors have to train like real soldiers. And as real service members know, the workouts aren’t easy.

As Star Max Thieriot explained, all the cast members had to undergo intense training with real-life military professionals. And the experience didn’t just make them look like soldiers, it also made them understand the career.

But the actors didn’t just go through a quick Hollywood BootCamp. The show actually has former military personnel working all over the set. And they teach Theriot and the rest of the cast about more than just the physical demands of the job.

In an interview with Daily Caller, Thieriot broke down how SEAL Team transformed him into Clay Spenser.

“[For] the pilot, we sort of jumped right into it,” he shared. “We didn’t have a whole lot of time. We had amazing technical advisors on set and we still … have a couple Delta guys, guys from various field teams. We have Marine Force Recon. We have guys from all different branches of the military that are on the show as producers, writers, actors, stuntmen, crew. And, so, we have a lot of time rehearsing now.”

The actor admitted that it was challenging work at first. But as the seasons go by, he’s more comfortable in his uniform.

“It’s repeated motion, right? It’s like riding a bike,” Thieriot said. “The more and more you do it, the more comfortable you get and the more normal it looks.”