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‘Seal Team’: Take a Tour of the Set

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Screengrab/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

“SEAL Team” is really something else when it comes to set design and equipment; most of their gear is real, and expensive. While it’s not shot on location often, the crew still takes painstaking measures to make everything look as accurate as possible. In 2018, Jessica Pare and Toni Trucks took fans behind the scenes in a video detailing the “SEAL Team” sets.

The two actors started out in the makeup trailer, stating that they start their day at 5:30 in the morning. Next, they go to wardrobe and speak to costume designer Kathryn Morrison Pahoa. She breaks down how they designed Mandy Ellis’ outfits. “I think with Mandy we’ve gone a little more neutral,” she said, “and not necessarily in the colors, but in a monochromatic field.” Jessica Pare states that her “first way into [a new] character is with costume.” For Lisa Davis, who spends most of her time in uniform, Pahoa said they’ve expressed her femininity with jewelry.

Next, they head to the C-17 set. Toni Trucks praises what the crew does with lighting on the C-17, because “we can make it look like we’re in the air, we can make it look like it’s desert, [or] it’s night.”

They then travel to The Cages, which is where all the equipment is kept. Guns, parachutes, rucksacks, you name it. The actors spoke with prop master Leonard E. Hancock Jr., who stated that the equipment they use is all real. “These are real, working night-vision NODs,” he said, showing the equipment. “These are 17,000 dollars a piece […] the helmets are plastic, but everything on them is real […] it’s pretty authentic, there’s nothing fake here.”

‘SEAL Team’ Actors Take Fans on Detailed Set Tour

Pare and Trucks next go to Dev Group, or DEVGRU, where Pare does most of her scenes. It’s a room with a long table and a wall of screens. There, she delivers the specs on their latest missions.

What’s most special about the sets is the Veteran Wall. There, cast and crewmembers can post up photos and notes about veterans in their families, friend groups, or just about themselves if they served in the military. “We have 44-plus veterans that work with us on our show,” said Trucks, “and if any of them have any family or friends [in the military] we have this wall of dedication.”

It looks like there are even photos that go all the way back to WWII on the wall. There are Post-It Notes and letters detailed who those people are and their stories. It’s such a special memorial to those who served, you can’t expect any less from a show like “SEAL Team.”

“SEAL Team” now airs on Paramount+ every Sunday, with a new episode coming out this weekend titled “Close to Home.” In the episode, Jason deals with the repercussions from his traumatic brain injury, and the building explosion that landed his team in the hospital.