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‘Seal Team’ Takes Viewers Backstage With Fiery BTS Video

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2021 Paramount+ Inc. All Rights Reserved.

“SEAL Team” fans, get ready for a wicked behind the scenes look at the newest episode courtesy of the star himself. David Boreanaz recently posted a peek behind the curtain on Instagram, taking a look at how the crew got an epic explosion shot.

The video features a wide shot of a what looks to be a parking lot full of fiery cars. The video is taken from behind the crew, so fans can see the exceptional videographers at work. Actors crouch behind cars, and everything is still for just a moment. Then, an incredible explosion rocks the scene, black smoke and fire fills the air. It’s 19 seconds of pure intensity.

“How we got ‘the shot’,” Boreanaz captioned the video. Watching it, you can practically feel the heat coming off of those blazing cars. Truly, “SEAL Team” has a thing for realism.

In the recent episode where the explosion takes place, Jason is responsible for a job gone wrong that ends up with his entire team in the hospital. His traumatic brain injury is causing some serious problems for him; memory loss and blackouts that are putting the team at risk, as we saw in the latest episode. The episode uses non-linear narrative to piece together what happened, a step away from the usual real-time narrative the show uses.

There are obvious communication issues cropping up amongst Bravo Team, with Jason’s mental fatigue being the latest. How will “SEAL Team” continue to deal with these issues? Could we see an end to Jason Hayes as Bravo 1?

How David Boreanaz Felt Directing This New Episode of ‘SEAL Team’

This latest episode, titled “Conspicuous Gallantry,” was directed by David Boreanaz; he took over the “SEAL Team” Instagram page as a lead up to the new episode, giving fans behind the scenes looks and interviews about the episode and his character. He spoke about his feelings while directing the intense episode.

“It’s a great episode to make and it’s very near and dear to my heart. And it was very emotional for [the] Jason Hayes character,” he started. “For me, it was really all about the points of view from every character that was involved. So, we had to shoot from everyone’s POV as they progressed through the episode […] So, it was important stylistically to shoot a lot of POVs from their story and how it evolved.”

The episode revolved around the team trying to piece together what happened. Additionally, it focused on the burden that Jason carries, knowing it was his fault. His memory problems have been getting worse, and this time they resulted with his team in the hospital after a building exploded. Time will tell how Jason grapples with his issues, and what the resolution will be.