‘SEAL Team’: The Team Fights for Their Lives in New Trailer

by Lauren Boisvert

A new trailer has dropped for the “SEAL Team” finale, and it’s looking like an intense ride the whole way through. The official Instagram for the show posted the trailer, captioning it, “There’s just one more run with Bravo this season. Catch the Season 5 Finale on Sunday!”

Big things are happening, according to the trailer. We don’t know how the showdown with the police will end up, but it looks like Bravo is still in Venezuela. They’re riding in two SUVs along a dirt path. Then, the SUV in front looks like it drives over a land mine, because it’s thrown into the air.

Additionally, there’s a moment where Clay reveals this is his “last run with Bravo.” What could this mean for the future of the show? Is Max Thieriot planning to leave “SEAL Team”? He says next, “I’m going to find a way to put this family first.” Does that have to mean ultimately leaving Bravo?

There’s also a moment with Mandy and Jason; Mandy tells him, “You’re not going anywhere.” Jason replies, “That works for me.” It’s a sweet moment between them; but it also speaks to how much Jason has been through in the last season. What with his deteriorating mental health, he probably will take any chance he can for some down time.

Bravo Team has been through a lot, but the tough times are close to coming to an end. At least for now. Before all that, though, the team has to experience more stress, terror, and heartache.

‘SEAL Team’: How is Bravo Going to Get Away from the Police?

At the end of the previous “SEAL Team” episode, Bravo was faced with the oncoming authorities; the local Venezuelan police were driving right for them. What could they possibly do to get out of this situation?

There’s speculation that Jason could take the fall for Bravo Team in the event that the police capture them. His mental state isn’t the best, even though he has the full support of his team; he recently disclosed that he made a mistake in Mali, and the effect of that revelation is most likely weighing on him. He hasn’t had time to truly unpack all that he’s been through in the last two episodes. It’s possible he’ll want to atone for his past transgressions.

But at the same time, the trailer makes it seem like they all get away together. Going solo doesn’t seem like Jason’s style. He’d stick with his brothers through anything. It seems like they have to escape from somewhere in the episode; it looks like they come upon a police checkpoint. But, whether or not they have to escape from police custody remains to be seen. For right now, we know that the next “SEAL Team” is going to be thrilling and intense.