‘SEAL Team’ Teases Emotional Breakdown Ahead of Undercover Assignment in New Trailer

by Lauren Boisvert

Emotions run high on the next “SEAL Team,” airing today, Sunday Dec. 5. In a new promo posted by David Boreanaz, Bravo Team is going to South America undercover. They will have no contact with their loved ones, and no connected to the Department of Defense. They will be well and truly alone in this mission.

Some members of Bravo will be experiencing painful goodbyes as they move to prepare for the mission. There have been some big changes in some of their lives on “SEAL Team”, and it’s not going to be easy to leave.

First we have Clay Spenser and his wife Stella, who just gave birth to their child prematurely. Clay has a baby in the NICU and now he has to leave for up to 6 months. It’s going to be hard not only on Clay, but especially on Stella; she just went through the trauma of giving birth way earlier than expected, and now she’ll be all alone with a new baby who’s most likely struggling to make it. She’s going to need someone to lean on, but the someone she always leans on won’t be there.

Next on “SEAL Team”, Sonny Quinn has actually stepped up to be a father, and now he’s also leaving. He told Hannah that he wanted to make things work with her and their child, despite his ongoing feelings for Lisa Davis. He’s taken on a lot of responsibility lately and is shown in the promo bonding with his infant daughter. Leaving is going to be hard on Sonny in ways that he hasn’t experienced before; this is the first time he’s gone on a long assignment with his child waiting at home.

‘SEAL Team’: Who’s Going to Have an Emotional Breakdown?

Ray Perry is shown in the promo reconnecting with his wife, Naima. Ray and his wife have been together for over 10 years, they have two children together, but that probably doesn’t make it any easier when he has to leave on long missions. Of all of the “SEAL Team” wives, Naima probably has the most experience with the reality of not hearing from her husband for long stretches of time when he’s on missions. Still, she doesn’t look like she’s taking the news very well that Ray will be gone for 6 months.

Lastly, there’s the issue of Jason Hayes. He’s still struggling and hasn’t gotten help for his traumatic brain injury yet. He’s been doing research, coming to the conclusion that the doctors are right. But he hasn’t reached out to anyone about getting help. And now he’ll be in the field for up to 6 months. We all remember what happened the last time he was in the field on “SEAL Team”. Could Jason’s TBI cause even more problems before he finally breaks down and gets help?