‘SEAL Team’ Teases In-Fighting Among the Team on a Dangerous Mission

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Erik Voake/CBS ©2021 Paramount+ Inc. All Rights Reserved.

On the next “SEAL Team”, it’s finally time for Bravo to roll out. They have the information they need thanks to Lisa Davis in the previous episode; the Venezuelans are refining the Uranium in an underground facility that branches out into local businesses.

In the synopsis for the episode, it sounds like there will be some fighting within the team. Who could be starting problems within Bravo? Most guesses point to Jason Hayes, who went through a life-changing experience in the previous episode. Jason realized that he needed to get help for his traumatic brain injury, but is he really going to do it?

Sonny has also been having some personal issues during this mission. In the previous episode, he stole cocaine from some dealers and went on a bender until Clay finally found him. Sonny said he didn’t need Clay to save him, but clearly someone needs to. So there’s a good chance that Sonny could be causing problems as well.

We won’t know for sure who is causing issues within Bravo until “SEAL Team” returns next Sunday. But how could this in-fighting affect the mission? Is it so bad that the mission will go belly up?

‘SEAL Team’: All Aboard the Crazy Train

Judging by a promo for the new episode, Jason might not even be on the mission. While Bravo is planning the op, Jason comes in and says, “the biggest liability could be me. I’m not going to be the reason one of you doesn’t make it home.”

It’s possible Jason is going to sit this one out. He seems to have come to his senses after the last episode, coming to terms with the fact that he has a serious condition. He’s speaking to Clay again, at least, and is even cracking jokes about being “crazy.”

Jason seems to be in good spirits about his condition, which is better than when he was just ignoring it. But, he’s deadly serious about it when it comes down to the op. He knows now that his forgetfulness and blackouts could cause another incident like the building collapse. So he may take himself off the mission, putting Ray in charge.

Clay and Sonny also share a fist bump in the clip; could things be okay between them at this point? Previously, there was some animosity between them, which could lead to problems during the op. But, if Jason’s not on the mission, and Sonny and Clay are on good terms, who’s causing the problems within Bravo?

This is the second to last episode, so we can expect the finale to be, possibly literally, explosive. Could this season even end in a death? There hasn’t been any hint of that, but we’ll just have to wait and see.