‘SEAL Team’: Tensions Are Rising Ahead of Show’s Return

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Screengrab/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Tensions were running high on the most recent “SEAL Team” episode. The last installment before the new year featured Clay Spenser trying to keep Bravo Team safe from Jason, and Jason not taking kindly to Clay’s meddling.

As we know, Jason has been dealing with a traumatic brain injury from all his years in the field. It’s been causing him memory loss and blackouts, and recently he was the cause of a building collapse that put everyone in the hospital. Clay has taken the personal responsibility of watching out for Bravo; he told Ray what’s been happening with Jason, but Ray advised him not to tell anyone.

Things came to a head between Jason and Clay in the most recent episode, and the “SEAL Team” Instagram posted a clip highlighting the tension between the two.

In the clip, Jason follows Clay into a secluded room and says, “This whole ‘no ranks’ bulls–t, it stops, now.” He continues, “You questioning my orders earlier, and then you just taking a run at me right now in front of my team. You’re looking for some kind of measuring contest, guess what buddy? You’re going to lose.”

Jason claims that Clay is only questioning him because of his ego because Jason has a TBI and Clay wants his position as Bravo 1. But that’s not true, Clay is only trying to protect his teammates from Jason’s liability. Jason brings up the fact that Clay’s newborn son is in the NICU, and that Clay left his wife and child just because of his ego. It’s a low blow, and Jason knows it. He’s trying to guilt Clay into dropping the stuff about his TBI. But, something tells me Clay loves his brothers in Bravo too much to just let it go.

What Happened on the Latest ‘SEAL Team’ Episode?

“SEAL Team” doesn’t air on Paramount+ again until January 2, and this latest episode ramped up the drama only to leave us hanging until the new year.

The Omega op was something completely different for Bravo Team. No communication, no direction, and not strictly within the DOD. They were given free rein to conduct the mission how they saw fit. The plan was for Bravo to take down Venezuela’s nuclear weapons program. Things got messy, and they ended up having to improvise in the field, which led to them killing a man that Clay thought they should’ve captured instead. He voiced his opinion on that, which led to the fight between him and Jason.

We also saw the resolution of Hannah and Sonny’s relationship. They admitted to each other that they were just playing pretend at a happy family. They didn’t love each other, and their daughter deserved better than that from them.

Jason, meanwhile, has pushed everyone away from him. He hasn’t even confided in Ray, his second in command. He was there for Ray when he was struggling with PTSD, why wouldn’t he think Ray would do the same for him?