‘Seal Team’: Things Get Tense Behind Enemy Lines in New Sneak Peek

by Joe Rutland

Boy oh boy, “Seal Team” is heating up as they are caught behind enemy lines and it’s all becoming too much for them to handle.

The show, which is still on CBS and will move to Paramount+ later this season, follows the activities of these military members on duty.

We have a clip, Outsiders, from the second part of “Trust, But Verify.” It’s scheduled to be on at 10:30 p.m. Eastern, 9:30 p.m. Central, on CBS. You will have to check that time, though, as Sunday’s National Football League action might push it back a little bit.

Be sure to check your local CBS affiliate for up-to-date times.

Check out this clip, though, and get ready for “Seal Team” to hit your TV screens.


Makes you want to see how this storyline ends up, eh?

Well, David Boreanaz stars as Jason Hayes while Max Thieriot appears as Clay Spenser. Other stars include Neil Brown Jr., A.J. Buckley, and Toni Trucks.

It might confuse you a little bit regarding “Seal Team” and its programming this season. Its first few episodes are going to be on CBS. The military drama, though, moves to Paramount+ in the next few weeks. That allows show writers and cast members some more room to be, shall we say, more real in language and action.

This is one whale of a season, Outsiders.

‘Seal Team’ Showrunner Talks About Jason Hayes Improving In A Leadership Role

“Seal Team” lets Jason Hayes rule the squad as its leader.

Yet the drama’s showrunner really likes the improvement he’s been seeing in that character’s leadership.

Spenser Hudnut talked with TV Line about what he’s been observing, too.

Hudnut said Hayes really worked on himself in Season 4. He adds that the work made Hayes an “all-around leader.”

The showrunner said Jason is in the most stable place of his life.

“He is becoming an even better, all-around leader,” Hudnut said, “more of a sheepdog inside the wire and outside the wire.”

Who would Hudnut compare Hayes to these days? The showrunner says he’s a bit more like Obi-Wan Kenobi instead of Luke Skywalker.

OK, so what about the other characters on “Seal Team”? Hudnut gets us caught up on them, too.

“As for Sonny, as a parent, as a dad, that’s new ground for him…. Clay is now married and taking on more responsibility within the team…. and Ray over those three months certainly has had a lot to work on,” he said.

The showrunner also said Ray and Naima are taking baby steps to repair things in their relationship.

“But he certainly had a long ways to go when we last saw him,” Hudnut said.\