‘SEAL Team’ Toni Trucks Reveals What She Loves About Davis

by Lauren Boisvert

Lisa Davis is definitely a fan favorite on “SEAL Team”; she’s tough yet thoughtful and sensitive, and she goes after real change where she can. Tony Trucks, who plays Davis, spoke to Paramount+ about her character recently. She mentioned what’s next for Davis, as well as what she loves most about her.

“I think she wants to be on her own,” said Trucks in the video. “But she wants to keep everybody she loves safe […] despite her history, she continues to make the scary choice, the uncomfortable choice.”

Lieutenant Davis is the DEVGRU Intelligence Officer assigned to Bravo Team. She’s not in the field, but she still deals with dangerous situations on a daily basis. Essentially, she’s responsible for Bravo Team behind the scenes. She gives them their information in the field, and if it’s bad info, that’s on Davis. She has immense responsibilities as the Intelligence Officer, but she handles them with grace.

Personally, she’s dealing with her relationship with Sonny Quinn; the on-again-off-again couple has been recently off, even though Sonny has definitely admitted his love for Davis. But, Sonny just had a baby with his old girlfriend, Hannah. Even though he and Hannah have decided to break up, where does that leave Davis? Is Sonny going to try and go back to her? Will she accept him, or does the baby change things between them?

‘SEAL Team’ Episode 11: Jason Continues to Struggle

“SEAL Team” returned last night, January 2, with a tense episode titled “Violence of Action.” Jason is still struggling with his memory, and Ray even witnessed him testing himself. Jason continues to push Clay away from him when Clay is just trying to help. But, now Ray is in on it, he’s higher up the food chain, and he can directly challenge Jason if he needs to.

But Jason is having none of it. He’s fighting Clay, he’s fighting Ray, and most of all, he’s fighting himself. He needs help, and he’s just not getting it. He thinks if he just ignores it, it’ll go away. But it will only get worse the longer he stalls.

Additionally, Sonny has been looking for an outlet for his anger. This episode saw him taking (too much) glee from dismembering a target. But at least he’s not taking his anger out on Davis. Which he tried, and failed, to do earlier. He tried to blame her for Hannah thinking there was something between them, but Davis wasn’t having any of that. She won’t let herself be blamed for something she didn’t do, because she’s independent and strong, and she doesn’t need Sonny if she doesn’t want him. Whether or not he can live without her is another question entirely.