‘SEAL Team’ Toni Trucks Teases What’s Ahead for Davis

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: CBS/ ©2021 Paramount+ Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Things are getting certifiably insane on “SEAL Team”, with Jason headed towards a downward spiral on the upcoming episode. But what about Lisa Davis? What’s next for the Intelligence Officer of Bravo Team?

Toni Trucks, who plays Davis, spoke to Paramount+ via Instagram about her character. She focused on what Davis is like, what she loves most about her, and what’s on the horizon for her on the next episode.

“In this season, we’re going to see her take on two major challenges,” said Trucks. “Which is her personal life, and her professional life.”

Trucks then went on to explain what’s been going on with Davis and Sonny. “Obviously, the dance with Sonny will continue,” she said. “It’s one of those forever loves, a sort of moth-to-a-flame thing happening.”

Recently, Sonny and Davis have been on the outs, firmly in the off position in their on-again-off-again relationship. Sonny blames Davis for making Hannah believe there was something still between him and Davis (even though there is) and breaking up his relationship with Hannah. He and Hannah were trying to stay together for their baby, but realized there was just nothing between them anymore. But Davis was not accepting lip from Sonny; she doesn’t deserve to be blamed for that.

About Davis’ professional life, Trucks commented, “[She’s] intentionally trying to put herself in spaces that are separate from the team. I love her belief that she can make it better, that she can do it, that she has a bigger purpose. There’s another story at play here that we can’t even see yet.”

‘SEAL Team’ Gets Intense in New Promo

In a new promo for the next episode of “SEAL Team”, Jason seems to be going over the edge. He gets in Ray’s face about talking to Clay, after it seems like Ray confronts him about his mental health. Jason is obviously not doing well; previously, Ray caught him testing his memory, so we know he’s acknowledging the fact that he’s really having issues.

There’s a scene in the clip where Jason is sitting on a rooftop, but it’s unclear if he’s talking to himself or to someone else. He says, frantically, “I knew the combat was catching up to me, and I felt it.” Later, we hear Ray’s voice tell him, “Jason, what are you doing? Come on, let’s talk.” Jason is holding a gun, now; does he believe this is truly the end of the line for him?

Most likely, he’ll be medically discharged, but he should also be punished for going into the field when he knew he was having memory issues. He put his whole team at risk for some macho posturing, proving that he’s fine when he’s not. We’ll have to see how the rest of the season plays out to determine what happens to Jason.