‘SEAL Team’: The Truth Comes Out About Jason in Teaser for Upcoming Episode

by Lauren Boisvert

“SEAL Team” has been constantly alluding to the fact that Jason Hayes isn’t fit for active duty anymore, but nothing has come of it. Until now.

In a new promo for the upcoming “SEAL Team” episode, it seems like Jason and Clay are at odds when Clay reveals to Ray that it was Jason’s fault the building collapsed in the episode “Conspicuous Gallantry.”

“Jason brought that building down on us,” Clay says. “He put us all in the hospital.” Ray looks visibly upset at this news.

“Not another word,” says Ray. “To anyone.”

Looks like Bravo Team is keeping secrets again; as we know, when you keep secrets from your teammates, things are going to explode eventually. That’s clear in the next scene of the promo, when someone tells a tearful Clay, “Bravo’s not safe.” It could be Ray, it could be Jason himself. It’s hard to tell who says it.

Things on “SEAL Team” are definitely heated between Jason and Clay, though; at the end of the promo, Jason tells Ray, “Keep him away from me.” We can only assume he means Clay, because Clay is doing some digging. He’s finding out things that Jason wants to keep buried.

Jason’s been putting Bravo Team at risk every time he goes into the field with them. His traumatic brain injury is causing him memory loss and blackouts. He’s recently accepted that he’s struggling with this, but he hasn’t reached out for help. Who knows if he really will. This may be the push he needs to get on with it and get help. Bottom line is, for the safety of his team, he shouldn’t be in the field anymore. But is he going to accept that? Bravo Team is his whole life, after all.

‘SEAL Team’: Clay is Fighting Two Battles This Season

On top of struggling with his team leader being essentially out of commission, Clay Spenser is dealing with two other battles in his life. First, his wife gave birth prematurely, and his child is in the NICU. He has to deal with that emotionally. Also, he may soon have to take care of his sick father.

In an interview with Paramount+, Max Thieriot spoke about his “SEAL Team” character’s struggles, and what he’s going to be dealing with in the remainder of the season. “Clay, this season, is dealing with how he can balance being a great war fighter but then coming home, and potentially taking care of his sick father,” Thieriot said.

Thieriot also said that Clay is going to discover “that maybe nobody can do everything at once.” He has things coming at him from all sides, now; a new baby, a sick father, an incompetent team leader. He’s taking on too many things, emotionally, and there’s a good chance he may break down. We’ve been so focused on Jason’s breakdown this “SEAL Team” season, that it seems like the other characters were pushed to the sidelines. But, now, we’re exploring Clays psyche, and seeing how he handles stress.