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‘Seal Team’ Uses as Much Authentic Equipment as Possible On Set

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Screengrab/CBS ©2021 Paramount+ Inc. All Rights Reserved.

“SEAL Team” relies heavily on realism to tell their stories. That goes for narrative, but it also goes for sets and props as well. As in, the show doesn’t use props; they use real, working equipment.

For example, the night vision goggles they use on the show are real, and they cost about $17,000 a piece. Paramount+ is about to use all that membership money just to pay for “SEAL Team.”

The guns, I’m not sure about. Hopefully, they’re incredibly accurate models, for safety’s sake. But, they look amazingly real all the same. Jason Hayes carries a Heckler & Koch 416D with a 10.5″ barrel, and it looks accurately battle-worn. The HK416 is a gas-powered assault rifle that fires 700 to 900 rounds per minute, manufactured in 2004. As for Jason’s sidearms, he usually carries a Glock 17.

Ray Perry, as the marksman and second in command, opts for semi-automatic models such as the M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System (SASS) or the SR25 Enhanced Carbine. Both are manufactured by Knight’s Armament.

All this information is listed in the Internet Movie Firearms Database, which is a great resource if you’re looking to fact check your favorite movies or shows on their weapon accuracy. As for “SEAL Team,” fans know they do their best to keep things as realistic as possible. That can only happen because the show hires actual veterans in the industry as actors, producers, and consultants.

How One Element Sets ‘SEAL Team’ Apart From Other Military Dramas

“SEAL Team” producer Benjamin Cavell has previously stated that there’s one part of the show that sets it apart from all others in its genre; that’s the comedy.

“One thing that every other military show gets wrong is that it’s not funny enough,” Cavell has said. “Their interactions and lives in the military can have funny moments, so we have tried to incorporate humor.”

“SEAL Team” star and executive producer David Boreanaz has also stated similar sentiments, saying that the show uses laughter and humor to get the characters through tough times. Just like in reality, comedy can drastically change a person’s mood and brighten an otherwise terrible day. “SEAL Team” focuses on reality, and takes every opportunity to make the show as real as possible. That’s where they do their best work.

Take away all the equipment, and the guns, and the night vision goggles, and “SEAL Team” is a story about people living their lives. They’re tough lives, but they get through them. The characters help each other survive, which is the nature of Bravo Team. Fans get to watch them get through every week, and the realism of the narrative keeps them coming back for more.