‘SEAL Team’ Has Veterans Who Work on Show ‘Straight Off Deployment’

by Keeli Parkey

“SEAL Team” is a show that tells stories about the brave men and women who protect the United States of America. This popular military focuses on a group of United States Navy SEALs.

To create a show that accurately portrays the lives of servicemen and servicewomen you need the involvement of men and women who have bravely lived that life. According to one star of “SEAL Team,” this show has exactly that.

That star is actor A.J. Buckley. He plays the character of Special Warfare Operator First Class Sonny Quinn. As fans of the show are aware, Quinn is also known as Bravo 3 or 3B.

Buckley talked about the important role veterans play in creating “SEAL Team” during a March 2021 interview with CBS Miami. Unsurprisingly, having real-life veterans as part of the television show is something the 44-year-old Buckley is very happy to be a part of.

“It’s something that I’m probably the most proud of. I think what CBS has done they’ve really gone out of their way to stand behind what they mean,” Buckley also said.

Having veterans be a key part in the creation of the “SEAL Team” series is not a publicity stunt, according to A.J. Buckley.

‘SEAL Team’ A.J. Buckley Said a Veteran is the ‘Glue That Keeps Our Show Together’

“It’s Hollywood you know people just sort of use platforms and a lot of times veterans get taken advantage of, but this show has really made history in the sense that we have more veterans hired on our show than any other show in television history,” A.J. Buckley also said.

The actor also shared that many of the veterans who work on “SEAL Team” have very recently been serving their country. “We have guys who came on straight off deployment that are now writing and writing or work as producers on the show,” the actor explained.

One of these veterans really stands out to A.J. Buckley thanks to his work as a director. This veteran has become an important part of creating the show. He has also helped create a sense of unity among the television show’s cast and the crew.

“We have a director, the guy that’s directing our episode right now, Tyler Gray who came on as a tech advisor on the pilot and last year he got an opportunity to direct, wasn’t even in the DGA (Director’s Guild of America). Turns out he’s an absolutely phenomenal director. He’s a storyteller at heart. Now he’s directing the second episode and he’s the glue that keeps our show together,” A.J. Buckley also said.

“SEAL Team” is now in its fifth season. The show originally aired on CBS. During this season it moved to the Paramount+ streaming service. The show also stars David Boreanaz, Max Thieriot, Neil Brown Jr., Toni Trucks, Jessica Pare, and Judd Lormand.