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‘SEAL Team’: What Effect Will Mandy’s Return Have on Jason’s TBI?

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Erik Voake/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Spoilers for the finale of “SEAL Team,” but at least Jason makes it home safe. Everyone else, can’t tell you. but we know Jason is okay, and that’s because he goes home to see Mandy. Their last meeting wasn’t so great, with Jason still dealing with the reality of his traumatic brain injury. Basically, he cruelly and abruptly broke up with her. But, is he going to make amends with her this time?

In a promo for the finale, and a sneak peek at the scene, Jason goes to Mandy’s house to say his piece. “The way things went down between the two of us, it’s just not sitting well,” he starts. The look on Mandy’s face says it all: no s–t.

“I was being tortured but a lot of things that had nothing to do with you,” Jason continues. Mandy replies, “You wouldn’t let me help.” Jason explains, “I just didn’t want to put all that stuff on you.”

In a moment of rare clarity for Jason, it seems like he’s realized that he can ask for help, but the fallout from his previous actions are on his shoulders. “It’s on me to pick up the pieces, I owe it to the people who care about me to do that,” he tells Mandy. He can lean on the people who love him, but he has to put in the work to get better; no one is going to do it for him.

“I also owe it to myself to fight for what I want,” Jason continues. When Mandy laughs and claims she’s had enough of those nights, Jason says, “I want more than that, do you?” Mandy is shocked silent. After their terrible last meeting, it seems like Jason has finally turned a corner. But can she trust him not to hurt her again?

‘SEAL Team’: How Can Mandy Help Jason Heal?

Mandy is definitely an important part of Jason’s healing. On “SEAL Team”, he finally admitted that he needs help, and it looks like he might get it. He’s reaching out, and extending that olive branch to the people who care about him.

He’s making amends for his behavior up until this point, where he panicked and didn’t believe he could have a TBI. He froze under the pressure, and then lashed out at anyone willing to help him. Now, he has to apologize. And Mandy is a big part of that.

So, how can she help him heal? Well, having a romantic relationship can go one of two ways for Jason; either Mandy is going to support him through his healing, be there for him, and help pick up the pieces if he needs it. Or, it could all be too much for Jason, and the stress could cause a meltdown.

Either way, Mandy is a crucial character right now, and it will be nice to see Jason atone for his actions, and fight for her affections again.