‘SEAL Team’: What Does New Role in ‘Cal Fire’ Mean for Max Thieriot?

by Joe Rutland

Max Thieriot has been part of SEAL Team‘s cast since the first episode. He’s part of a team behind Cal Fire. What about his current role?

Let’s get some details about the news show from an article on Deadline.

Thieriot is one of the executive producers on Cal Fire. But the show comes from his experiences as a kid growing up in the fire country of Northern California. The actor had this original idea.

Tony Phelan and Joan Rater are set to write the show’s teleplay from a story co-written with Thieriot.

‘SEAL Team’ Star Remains On Paramount+ Drama While Working On New Show

The SEAL Team actor is still a part of the former CBS/now Paramount+ military drama. Thieriot was born and raised in Occidental, Calif. He lives there with his family these days.

He plays Clay Spenser on SEAL Team. It was on CBS for four seasons.

Also involved with Cal Fire are Jerry Bruckheimer Television and CBS Studios.

What is Cal Fire about? Well, convict Bode Donovan is seeking both redemption and a shorter prison sentence. Donovan joins a firefighting program that returns him to his small Northern California hometown. He and his fellow inmates work next to elite firefighters. They work to quench blazes across the region.

Besides Cal Fire, CBS also is developing Rescue: MIA from Eric Christian Olsen of NCIS: Los Angeles.

Thieriot Talks About Greatest Physical Challenge Cast Has Been Through

Max Thieriot is one actor who really keeps himself in shape. So, the SEAL Team star had to go through a physical challenge for the drama.

He started playing Clay Spenser in 2017.

There are a number of physical challenges he’s seen. Thieriot talks about them with Seat42F in 2017.

He said the course that they ran recently in 2017 was super challenging.

“The rope climb wasn’t too bad,” Thieriot said. “We ended up going the rope wall like twenty feet, not like twelve. We did the full course probably like four or five times, so I was really tired after going through it that many times.”

But Thieriot was actually looking for a more physical role to play. He got his wish.

“Yeah, definitely,” the SEAL Team actor said. “I was definitely considering more physical. So this kind of checked off all of those boxes.”

Thieriot said he met both creators and producers for SEAL Team. After that, he had an idea about what he was going to do and he was all in.

“I met with Chris [Chulack] and Sarah [Timberman] and Ben [Cavell],” he said. “And was just super excited after talking with them about the project and where they sort of felt like it was gonna go, and where my character was gonna go. Yeah.”