‘SEAL Team’: When Does the Season 5 Finale Arrive on Paramount Plus?

by Joe Rutland

With SEAL Team coming up on the finale for Season 5, when in the world will that episode drop? Fans would like to know.

We are going to get down to some key information for you thanks to IMDb. OK, so let’s see when it will happen for the show that stars David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes.

SEAL Team looks like its season finale will hit Paramount Plus on Jan. 23. But, maybe you would like to know what happened to set up this final show? We can help you with some details coming out of last week’s episode.

‘SEAL Team’ Episode Makes Us Wonder If Everyone Gets Out Alive or Not

Let us look back at the most recent SEAL Team show. This really left us with a question: Will everyone get out of there alive?

What brings on this question? So, after they kidnapped a man and got into a firefight with the Venezuelan Special Police, Bravo is now facing a patrol of local police cars headed right for them.

We also have to remember that Bravo blew up support beams of a building ripped a door off its hinges. Back to the question, we offered up: Will everyone get out of there alive?

Well, things are pretty dicey. Who in the world will help Bravo out right now? Hmm.

Issues Heading Into Season Finale Might Have Political Bent To Them

Yes, there is some speculation around things getting a bit political. Maybe Bravo will have to deal with both the police and the government. After all, this mission was supposed to be a secret one. Well, they are going to have to tell someone what they’re up to or face serious consequences on SEAL Team.

Of course, there always is a possibility that our man Jason will take the fall for the SEAL Team right now. He continues to deal with a lot of guilt. Also, Jason just told his team that he caused a building collapse that happened a few months ago.

This is fresh grief still on his mind. It is possible that he could try and reconcile his grief. He could do this by just taking on all of the blame from this mission right on his shoulders.

Really, would Jason Hayes do this with his mental state so fragile? He is Bravo 1 and it is his job, of course, to protect his team. He will be doing his level best to make sure that he gets everyone out safely.

Make sure to keep your eyes on Paramount Plus and watch this show’s season finale where all the questions will be answered. We hope this is so.