‘SEAL Team’: Why David Boreanaz Would Put Show’s Production Up Against ‘Any Movie Out There’

by Lauren Boisvert

With “SEAL Team” over for the time being, it’s time to discuss in detail the season 5 finale. Star David Boreanaz is doing just that; in conversation with TV Insider, he spoke about the show’s “toughest season,” the cast and crew’s hard work, and the elevated storylines of the show.

When the interview mentioned the characters Ray and his wife Naima, and all they’re doing for veterans returning home, Boreanaz went on to discuss the level of storytelling on “SEAL Team.” The stories they’re telling are important real-world issues, and Boreanaz agreed. “This is what the show does,” he said, “it examines that. And we just, as a society for some reason, when s–t hits the fan, we come together, right? When s–t doesn’t hit the fan, I’m not saying that we don’t come together. There are those that are still consistently come together. But it’s just a subject matter that people don’t really like to talk about.”

“SEAL Team” is taking that uncomfortable subject matter and revealing the true issues. Its production value also matches the storytelling value, and Boreanaz touches on that. “Look at what ‘SEAL Team’ has done production-wise,” he said. “If you take all of our shows and look at those shows, I would put them up against any movie out there. I would. Production value. Practically done. We do have some special effects, but how we do it real and live and practically is just, you can’t measure it to shows — again, we’re a military show, but I put it right up against any movie really. You put that thing on the IMAX, you’d be blown away.”

‘SEAL Team’: David Boreanaz Praises the Show’s Storytelling and Characters

Alongside the incredible production value on “SEAL Team,” there’s also such value in the characters and stories. Boreanaz went on to talk about what audiences love about the characters, saying, “I think what we earned also obviously is the character love. These people love these characters and where they’re going and it takes time for people to invest in a show and find a show and then watch it, go, wow, that was a crazy ride.”

The characters are fun, he said, but there’s more to it than just fun. “For me,” he continued, “it’s just the message and the story and putting that out there for people to see like, this, this is what these guys do, and that’s why you get up and have a cup of coffee in the morning and go in your car and drive and get a smoothie and you’re free, you’re protected, and not too many people will remember that or think about that.”

“SEAL Team” this season was wild, and dark, and intense, for David Boreanaz’s character especially. Let’s hope Paramount sees as much value in “SEAL Team” as its star and its audience does.