‘SEAL Team’: Will All of the Team Make It Out Alive?

by Lauren Boisvert

The most recent “SEAL Team” left us with one big, glaring question: is everybody going to make it out alive? After kidnapping a man, getting into a firefight with the Venezuelan Special Police, blowing up the support beams of a building, and ripping a door off its hinges, Bravo is now facing a patrol of local police cars headed right for them.

So, that leaves our question: is everybody going to live? Right now, things are pretty dicey. We have no idea how Bravo is going to get out of this one. There is some speculation that things are going to get political coming up, with Bravo having to deal with the police and possibly the government. The whole point of the mission is it was supposed to be a secret. Now they’re going to have to tell someone what they’re up to or face serious consequences.

There’s also a theory that Jason is going to take the fall for the team. He still has a lot of guilt, and he just revealed to his team that he caused the building collapse from a few months ago. That grief is still very fresh for him, so it’s possible he could try and reconcile his grief by taking all the blame for the mission.

Overall, it sounds like something Jason would do based on the mental state he’s in. And the fact that he’s Bravo 1, and it’s his job to protect his team. If it gets them out alive, I feel like Jason would do anything at this point.

There’s no official promo material or trailer for the next episode yet, so we’re just speculating here. But, keep these speculations in mind next Sunday when the episode drops; who knows, we could be correct in our assumptions.

‘SEAL Team’: Could Someone Possibly Die in the Next Episode?

Now, if we discuss the possibility of Jason taking the fall, we also have to discuss the possibility of someone dying in the next episode. While there haven’t been any hints that someone is leaving the show, it’s still possibly that “SEAL Team” is holding out. The show could be keeping a tragedy a secret so it’s more meaningful when it happens.

But, that’s not really what I think will happen. It’s possible that someone will be injured, that makes more sense. There’s just too much invested in these characters right now to kill one of them off. Jason just admitted that he needs help, so we should see that arc play out. Clay and Stella still haven’t named their baby, and it would be downright cruel to kill him now. Sonny is dealing with a lot of personal issues right now as well, and he deserves the chance to work through them.

All in all, I don’t predict someone will outright die. There’s just too much riding on these characters as it is.