‘SEAL Team’: Will Jason Recover or Slip Further Into Darkness?

by Jonathan Howard
Photo: Screengrab/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

This season of SEAL Team has not been easy on Jason Hayes. And honestly, that’s putting it mildly as his TBI has been hindering him.

In the upcoming episode, which will be the 12th chapter of the season, Jason is going to have to reckon with his debilitating injury. The rest of the Bravo Team is at risk while his decision-making has been compromised. He has been getting worse throughout the season.

Is it possible that Jason has a realization? The new episode of SEAL Team is going to be very interesting. Jason is seen as a leader, but with his condition, is he fit to lead? Just being objective, he isn’t fit to lead. But if he is able to get the help he needs to start his recovery then there is hope for his future.

Ray and Clay are doing their best. They have covered for Jason and saved his butt more than a couple of times this season. It has not been easy and really been unfair to the two team members. However, it doesn’t seem like they have an easier option up their sleeve. All they are doing is trying to save their friend and brother in arms.

Of course, fans are rooting for Jason. He needs to step back and look around. Look within himself and make a decision that is going to benefit him and the rest of the team. There is only so much you can do to help a TBI, but there are options out there. It isn’t going to be pretty, but hopefully, he is able to make the realization and move on to a healthier and safer life.

SEAL Team has a big Jason problem, it is safe to say.

‘SEAL Team’ Fans Wonder Who Is Going to the Safe House?

As usual, the folks over at SEAL Team and their social media folks have teased out the new episode. Fans are so excited about this episode. Well, maybe excited isn’t the right word. But, they are anticipating it eagerly. A photo they shared shows that Jason and a couple of the other team members are in the safe house.

So, who is going to be put in the safe house? That’s an excellent question and one that the social media team asked fans to answer. Throughout the replies and comments on Instagram, all kinds of guesses were thrown out. Some said it could be Ray. Others said, Sonny.

However, it would make the most sense if it was Jason himself. He has been going through it, and he might need to be put in the safe house for a while. SEAL Team is no stranger to tough decisions, but this might be the toughest yet.