‘SEAL Team’: Will Season Five End on an Epic Cliffhanger?

by Jonathan Howard

Season 5. Episode 14. The SEAL Team finale is approaching and will be here before we know it. So, what is going down?

Throughout the season there have been a number of issues. The Bravo Team isn’t doing great. They have been in Venezuela for longer than they would have liked. Jason is back in America. However, his TBI has inflicted a lot of damage. He is erratic. Emotional. And, he isn’t able to perform as he used to for his team.

In the season finale, there are questions that fans want answered. What is going to happen with Jason? Will he be able to return to the team in full? What about Clay? Is he going to remain with the team? That means we are going to get an exciting finale that answers those questions, more, and leaves fans and the network wanting more.

It is hard to say if there will be a cliffhanger. While there might not be the cliffhanger ending, perhaps there will be just enough unanswered for fans and Paramount+ to want more. David Boreanaz and the cast have been all in throughout the series. If this was the end, it would be a shame. It feels like SEAL Team would do more to close up Jason and Clay’s stories along with other details.

The synopsis puts things into perspective but doesn’t answer any of the big questions around the episode. “Bravo must make a daring escape before they can put Venezuela in their rearview mirror, but they find themselves on even less stable ground when they return home to Virginia Beach.”

That doesn’t sound too promising for when they manage to make it back from South America. The homefront isn’t always friendly.

‘SEAL Team’ Uncertain Future Could Lead to Explosive Finale

One thing that we have seen before the episode comes to Paramount+ is the explosion sequence. This episode is going to literally be explosive. However, is that foreshadowing more than what fans are expecting? Possibly. There is uncertainty around the future of SEAL Team. Will the writers lean into this as the series finale as well as the season?

Bravo Team has been better in the past. There are injuries both physical and mental that have left lasting scars on each member. They can’t just go on forever. While each character is built like a Marvel hero, they are just regular humans at the end of the day.

A cliffhanger makes fans want more. Which makes fans write on Twitter about how much they want the show. Then the network has a reason to bring it back. However, sending Bravo Team out in a blaze of glory, emotions, and passion would surely open a lot of eyes. SEAL Team will be finishing up this season this weekend. Tune in and make sure to catch all of the action.