‘SEAL Team’: Do Younger Bravo Team Actors Look Just Like Their Grownup Versions?

by Jonathan Howard

In the last episode of SEAL Team, the show took a look at the 9/11 tragedy and how each Bravo Team member experienced that day. It was a powerful episode that has many fans still talking about it today. David Boreanaz made a point to honor the meaning behind the show.

This week, the SEAL Team Instagram page posted photos showing the younger versions of the main characters. Looking back at the comparisons, the casting was well done all around. Each younger version looks enough like the present-day version to make it believable.

“Thank you to our extended Bravo family for their dedication this week. #SEALTeam,” the post caption read.

There were plenty of messages in the replies celebrating the episode, the casting, and more. One user said, “Amazing job in contrasting the younger versions of the team with their current selves. Great episode! We’ve been fans since Day 1.”

Meanwhile, another fan commented, “Powerful episode. Great job by all involved.”

Each character was in a different place in life during the 9/11 attack. Each was doing what they would regularly do and that day ended up being anything other than regular. The impact that it had on each of them, younger and older, led to them all being on the same team together. It was a day that would have a huge effect on Americans at large. The emphasis on the past, and making it an origin story made for a very interesting episode.

Now, ahead of this week’s episode which will be the last to appear on CBS, there has been a photo of Jason Hayes posted. The action shot shows the Master Chief Special Warfare Operator after such a powerful episode last Sunday.

New ‘SEAL Team’ Teaser Has Fans Excited

The 9/11 episode was a great origin story and had fans feeling all kinds of ways. However, it appears this week that the show is returning to the action of the present day. The last mission in North Korea left the team asking questions after they were finished. The job was done, but there are outside distractions getting making things difficult.

Both Jason and Sonny are dealing with their own personal issues. Sonny is in the middle of dealing with life at home as well as his own emotions. They have both expressed concern for the other, but there is no telling what path this could lead to. The team is headed to Africa and other is no clear idea of what the mission is. This might be the thing that pushes Sonny over the edge.

Also, SEAL Team member Jason is having issues with his own mental health. He is suffering from memory loss and headaches and fans are hoping he gets help after the last episode.