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‘Seinfeld’: How Classic Sitcom Found Modern Day Audiences

by Allison Hambrick
Seinfeld- "The Merv Griffin Show" 1 (Photo By Getty Images)

No doubt about it, “Seinfeld” is a classic. For over thirty years, fans have laughed along with Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer. Even now, 23 years after the show ended, it continues to find new audiences.

A number of fans weren’t even born when the show ended–the author of this article included. So how are younger audiences falling in love with the hit series? While it proved popular in syndication, the longevity of Seinfeld‘s popularity is thanks to streaming.

Though it previously streamed on Hulu, Seinfeld hit Netflix on Oct. 1. From there, its viewership skyrocketed. “The Show About Nothing” ranked as the 14th most-streamed series that was acquired by a streamer in 2021. Additionally, 41 percent of the audience that watched the show in 2021 were age 34 or younger.

When the series first hit Netflix, a number of viewers tweeted their reactions to seeing the series for the very first time. Some of these included older fans responding to the younger audience joining in on the fun. One wrote: “It’s so weird seeing people younger than me watch Seinfeld for the first time. That feels like a show you should know every episode of just through pure cultural osmosis.”

“It’s similar to watching young people get into The Sopranos,” tweeted another. “I almost get to enjoy Seinfeld again through their experience. And I think the show speaks to a lot of today. I know on rewatches I still die laughing.”

Regardless of age, Seinfeld is one of those rare shows that draws people in. At least, that’s what the numbers say.

Seinfeld Star Recalls Meeting Sidney Poitier

Seinfeld‘s Julia Louis-Dreyfus recently shared a tribute to late icon Sidney Poitier. In a tweet, she explains the story of how she met the actor when she was only a child.

“At 2 in the morning, my mom woke me up and, in our nightgowns, we went to the lobby of the Tunis Hilton, where they had set up a little black and white television on which at 2:56 a.m., Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon,” said Dreyfus. “Afterwards, we headed outside to look up through the hot summer night at the never-again-the-same moon in the sky.”

The actress continued: “Well, it was when we returned to the lobby and that handsome, elegant stranger gave to me and each woman present a white rose to commemorate this historic evening. My mom, in something of a swoon, explained to me that this was not just any man; this was Sydney [sic] Poitier.”

At the time of the moon landing, Poitier was at the height of his fame. The 42 year-old actor already won an Academy Award for Best Actor. This incredible story showed a different side to the icon, proving his class extended beyond his onscreen persona.

“What a gesture. What a gentleman. Rest in peace,” the Seinfeld star concluded.