‘Seinfeld’: One Blooper Made It Into the Actual Series

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by David Hume Kennerly/Getty Images)

Some of the most interesting facts about sitcoms involve bloopers or ad-libbed scenes. In one episode of Seinfeld, one blooper was so perfect everyone thought it made the episode better, so it stuck.

Looper provided the details, with the episode in question being “The Parking Garage.” Called the fifth-best episode in the series, it falls in the third season. It happens to be one of my favorites too because, in true Seinfeld fashion, nothing seems to go right. The ending should see the four regulars drive away together, but the car doesn’t start. The cast took the opportunity to improv, resulting in the episode we know today.

The episode mainly takes place in, you guessed it, a parking garage. Going to a department store together, Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, and George constantly run into trouble. Jerry has to go to the bathroom, George has to meet his parents, and Elaine is afraid her goldfish will die in a plastic bag, so there’s a lot going on.

When all is said and done and the party unites, they can’t find their car. They finally locate it at the end of the episode. Getting into the car, they were supposed to start the car and drive away, but it didn’t budge. Larry David revealed this fun fact and after Kramer failed to start the car, the other actors bowed their heads. While it seemed like exasperation, the actors were actually trying to hide their laughter.

As someone who has seen the entire Seinfeld series at least three times over, even I wasn’t aware the ending was a blooper. After reading about what was originally intended, I can see why they kept it in.

Jason Alexander Talks About Edging Out Other Potential George Constanza Actors

Seinfeld’s cast is iconic and it’s difficult to imagine any other actor playing the characters we’ve come to love. In an interview last month, Jason Alexander talked about beating out other actors vying for the role of George Costanza.

Speaking on Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum, Alexander detailed trying out for his legendary role. According to him, the competition was fierce, to say the least. “They had seen a gazillion people I guess for George, some very famous who I think had been offered the role and either turned it down … Chris Rock, Danny DeVito … One of the guys they really liked for it and I think he said no was Paul Shaffer … They were kinda a little all over the map,” he said.

Though he had to fight tooth and nail, Alexander said luckily he stood out to them. They weren’t sure why, but they looked at him and saw George Costanza. Though Alexander also admits screenwriter Gary Marshall also had a hand in it.

A Festivus miracle, to be sure.