‘Shameless’: Christian Isaiah Explains What He Learned from Working with William H. Macy and Cast

by Amy Myers

Star Christian Isaiah couldn’t be happier that he became a part of the Shameless cast. After 11 seasons on the show, Isaiah has learned a valuable lesson about life and loved ones. The actor came onto the show at the young age of just four years old. So, he has grown up beside his co-stars and taken much of their wisdom with him. These nuggets of knowledge pertained to the job as well as to family and friends. From his time with the Shameless cast, the 13-year-old has gained a much more mature perspective of the world.

Recently, in an interview with Starry Magazine, Isaiah shared the most important takeaway he’s learned from his experience on Shameless. His response is quite profound for an actor of his age. It demonstrates just how much of a positive influence the cast had on the child star. The earnest and adorable response also reveals Isaiah’s compassionate and earnest personality  – not unlike his character Liam on the show.

“I have personally learned a lot from the cast as actors and learned that you don’t have to be born into a family to be a family,” Isaiah shared. “That’s what we are on ‘Shameless,’ one big happy family.”

‘Shameless’ Star Wishes He Could Have Explored Character’s Background More Thoroughly

While Isaiah has certainly gained a new appreciation for non-biological families, he also expressed a desire to explore his character’s roots more. Liam was the only African American member of the all-Caucasian family. And though his father really was Frank Gallagher, Liam wanted to meet the side of his family that shared similar characteristics. There was one episode in which the Shameless character finally met other black members of the family. However, ultimately, Liam abandoned these distant relatives in favor of his immediate family.

“I think my storyline has been great, but I would probably have Liam doing more about his heritage,” Isaiah admitted.

Although, in the end, he enjoyed filming the scenes in which his character explored his culture.

“That was really fun. I enjoyed the different looks when Liam was trying to figure out who he was,” the Shameless star said.

He also acknowledged the greater message that the writers were trying to convey with Liam’s storyline.

“I think [Liam] learned that he is different from his family that he was raised with, but he knows they love him,” Isaiah explained.

Now that his time on Shameless has come to a close, the child star will no doubt continue his impressive career on screen with future TV shows and films. Thanks to the help of his co-stars, he’ll bond effortlessly with his next family of cast members and remember to cherish their time together.