‘Shameless’ Star Christian Isaiah Revealed the Toughest Scenes He Had to Film

by Amy Myers

Shameless actor Christian Isaiah has grown up on the set with his older castmates, and because of that both he and his character have matured and flourished in his talents right in front of fans’ eyes. Now a full-fledged actor, Isaiah reflects on his time with the show and the hardest moments to film.

Isiah’s character on Shameless often found himself in tough situations, even when they weren’t his own doing. At times, he was a hostage or collateral for some slighted criminal. Other times, he was an accessory in the crime himself. While all of these scenes may be tough for any kid to perform, Isaiah did so flawlessly. Still, he revealed in a recent interview that there were particular scenes that tested his limits as a young actor.

During Season 8 of Shameless, Liam develops a sleepwalking habit that, at times, threatens his safety. At one point, the character ended up outside. As it turns out, filming the scene was just as nerve-wracking as the actual storyline.

“Season 8 the sleepwalking scenes were challenging,” Isaiah told Starry Magazine. “One scene I had to work first thing in the morning, and it was like thirty degrees and in the scene Lip (Jeremy Allen White) finds Liam asleep outside in the wet grass. It was wet and freezing cold in Chicago.

“Also, another scene in that episode I had to sleep-walk down a dark alley with no shoes on and there were dead rats in the alley,” the Shameless star continued. “While filming that same scene we heard gun shots and police helicopters flying over us. Very interesting night!!!”

‘Shameless’ Star Shares Thoughts on Character’s Father Frank

The most innocent of the bunch, Isaiah’s role was crucial in the Gallagher family. During his initial years on Shameless, Isaiah’s role as Liam served as a grounding element for the rest of the characters. They knew that they needed to take charge and be responsible for Liam’s sake. While the toddler’s siblings and father still frequently found themselves in trouble, they always pulled through for Liam’s sake.

Later on, as the Shameless character became a bit older and started appearing in more scenes, Isaiah became a representation of the family’s influence. This was especially true with his father Frank who, despite his love for his youngest son, still put him in dangerous situations.

The relationship at its best is complicated, and at its worst, it’s detrimental to Liam’s development. Still, Isaiah shared that Liam believes that Frank had good intentions underneath all of the bad decisions. The youngest son served as Frank’s motivation to be a better person.

“I think deep down Liam always wants to believe that Frank (William H. Macy) can do better,” the Shameless star shared.