‘Shameless’ Star Made a Dramatic Transformation After Show Ended

by Samantha Whidden

British Shameless star Elliott Tittensor reportedly has a dramatic transformation following the end of the hit series.

According to Popculture, Tinnensor played Carl Gallagher on the original British version of Shameless from 2004 to 2013. After the show ended, Tinnensor made some appearances in various short films and a couple of episodes of Chasing Shadows. His most recent appearance was in the series Silent Witness. He was also in Dunkirk in 2017 as Highlander 2.

The media outlet reveals that the former Shameless castmate remains active on Instagram. And fans cannot believe how incredibly different he looks.  He has grown a beard and now sports multiple tattoos. In his most recent Instagram post, the actor admitted that it’s been a while since he’s been in the spotlight. “I’ve had to knock the cobwebs off after lying dormant for a few years. That said, I hope everyone enjoys [Silent Witness].

Silent Witness is about crimes that are through the eyes of a team of forensic pathologists and forensic scientists. In the episodes that he was in, the Shameless alum plays Scott Weston. 

Writer of British ‘Shameless’ Reveals He is Glad the Show Ended 

During a 2017 interview with The Guardian, former writer of the British version of Shameless, Paul Abbott, admitted that he was happy that the series came to end when it did. “It should have stayed less hysterical. More like a saga,” Abbott stated about the show. “If it followed that, it would have had a more gentle longevity.”

Abbott, who left Shameless after the fourth season, stated he started to get irritated with the series due to the amount of hysteria that had to “crack in” to keep it going. “I got weary [and] I didn’t really watch it after a while. I didn’t resent it. Because it paid us a fortune. But I was glad to see it off.”

In 2021, he also spoke to the media outlet about how he writes a little of himself in every character. He cites Debbie in Shameless’ Gallagher family as an example. “I was very quiet. But then I’d blow if the family was under threat. Just like Debbie.”

Abbott also said that Frank Gallagher was a “thinly veiled portrait” of his dad. The Shameless writer stated, “He knew it was me writing about him. The clues are there. Unmissably.”

Despite walking away after four seasons, Abbott declared that Shameless is the most popular work he has ever done. “It’s also what m family admires most of what I’ve written. But it went on too long. When I started writing it, I wanted five things to be happening at once. And to really change the genre. By the time it finished, it has become hysterical.”