Sharon Osbourne Reveals Her ‘New Favorite Thing’ and It’s Exactly What You’d Expect

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

We all have favorite random things, and Sharon Osbourne reveals her newest one. Fans of the famous Osbourne family can expect these quirky things from each of the members. Over the years, Ozzy, Sharon, and their kids have shared many hobbies. And it seems like there’s always something new every year.

Recently, Sharon Osbourne took her new favorite thing to Instagram. Any guesses for what it might be?

“Photographer capturing dogs catching treats is my new favorite thing,” she writes in the caption.

From glancing at each picture, the dogs are exactly what fans would expect Sharon to like. Don’t you agree?

In the post, there are ten photos of different breeds of dogs making funny faces. Some even come off as a little frightening.

Throughout the comments, the Osbourne fans are sharing their opinions with laughter.

For example, one person posted their comment with laughter emoticons.

“What a QT. Sharon, Congratulations to Jack and your future daughter-in-law. May they be blessed with years of Love & Happiness. Blessed New year to you & Ozzie as well. With love from South Jersey.”

“Brilliant action pics,” another said with humor.

All in all, it seems like Sharon’s humor enlightens many people. And this post is a fan favorite.

Sharon Osbourne Recaps on 2021

Six days ago, Sharon Osbourne posted a 20-second clip of how the Osbourne family’s year went. It looks like time flew by fast with all of the memories shown.

Take a look at her New Year’s wrap below.

“Bye Bye 2021.”

In the clip, you will see a slideshow of important highlights from 2021. Sharon includes rock music in the background to help share the memories.

The Osbourne family is blessed with their support system on social media. They received thousands of Happy New Year comments along with a few other positive messages.

“I was having kind of a sad day and you sure lifted me up!!! Thank u!!!!!” one person said.

Ozzy Osbourne Plans to Tour Again This Year

Alright, Heavy Metal lovers! 2022 is finally here and you know what that means. The wait for Ozzy Osbourne’s return to the stage is finally over. From 2020 reports, Ozzy is heading back out on tour this year. Will you be there?

Not much has been released since 2020, but check back soon for any updates! The tour might be scheduled towards the end of 2022 with the recent COVID spike. But hopefully, Ozzy will be back!