Should ‘Jeopardy!’ Bring Back Win Limits? This Former Champ Think So

by Jonathan Howard

The last six months of Jeopardy! have been dominated by long-term winners and that has one former champ wanting limits back.

Tom Nichols, a five-time champion of Jeopardy!, talked about the proliferation of super champs. To him, the game isn’t meant to be dominated. Instead, the show should be a place for everyday Americans to show off their skills.

Nichols says that with infinite wins possible, it puts other players at a disadvantage. It is a very interesting argument, but I’m not sure it is one that will be popular with a lot of fans and contestants. In a conversation with Boston Public Radio, the former champ explained his position in detail.

“After about two or three wins, I think you’ve got such an advantage. You’ve been using the buzzer, – which is much more important than people realize; you’re a lot more comfortable in the studio; you understand the rhythm of the game,” the champ said. “Newer people just walking in there don’t really have much of a chance, and that’s purely because the returning champions have mastered the mechanics of the game.”

Before 2003, Jeopardy! had a game limit. Champs could only win five games at most.

“If you’ve done that [won] for eight, nine, 10 games, there’s a reason they used to retire you,” he went on. “But the ratings are up, and people want to treat it like a sport and professionalize it. You might as well move the show to Vegas.”

Now, Jeopardy! has been pulling in viewers since Amy Schneider’s streak began. So, clearly, there is a draw to the show when a super champ is on. Perhaps the game has passed by Nichols. The show will likely continue to allow long-term champions rather than reverting their rules.

‘Jeopardy!’ and the ‘Mini-Conversations Between Schneider and Jennings

Ken Jennings has been hosting the show for a while at this point. Mayim Bialik hosted through the fall. Then, the Jeopardy! GOAT took over in December. Since that has happened, Schneider has gone on her long streak and he has been along for the ride the whole way.

Before Schneider took the stage again tonight, the Jeopardy! team put together a supercut of all of the little talks that she has had with the host. It has been a great journey up to this point. There has been a lot of information about the champ that has been revealed. Things like her old podcast, her perfect SAT score, her cat named Meep, her love for Golden State Warriors basketball and so much more.

37 straight days and counting. No one goes into their first Jeopardy! game expecting to win 37 games. However, that is what has happened with Schneider. She is hoping to move to second all-time in wins and start to eye Jennings’ record soon after that.