‘The Conners’ Adds ‘Righteous Gemstones’ Actor in Recurring Role

by Joe Rutland

ABC hit sitcom “The Conners” is adding another actor to its cast. This one, Outsiders, is in the TV show “The Righteous Gemstones.”

Tony Cavalero will play Aldo, an older boyfriend of Harris, played by Emma Kenney. Deadline reported the cast addition on Friday afternoon.

Cavalero will play Aldo, Harris’ (Emma Kenney) older boyfriend. In the show, Aldo is a tattoo artist where Harris works. Aldo is a single father to two young boys. Cavalero appears as a recurring character starting with “The Wedding of Dan and Louise” episode on Oct. 13.

‘The Conners’ Lead Actor Also Appears On ‘The Righteous Gemstones’

John Goodman, who plays Dan Conner, also appears on HBO’s “The Righteous Gemstones” with Cavalero.

Cavalero also has appeared in the Netflix movie “The Dirt” as Ozzy Osbourne. Other stops in his acting carer include a Hulu original film called “The Binge” and a recurring role on “Miracle Workers.”

Other cast members on “The Conners” include Laurie Metcalf, who plays Jackie Harris, and Michael Fishman, who plays D.J. Conner.

Outsiders can catch “The Conners” at 9 p.m. Eastern on Wednesdays on ABC. In case you didn’t know, the show is a spin-off from “Roseanne.”

Lecy Goranson Is Set To Take Becky Back To Her Scholastic Roots This Season

While “The Conners” has been on ABC this season, one regular cast member hasn’t been on until the Sept. 30 episode.

Lecy Goranson, who plays Becky Conner, is back on the show and will take Becky back to her scholastic roots.

“It brings back her old self that’s kind of nerdy, and used to be a straight-A student,” she said.

Becky showed up in a recent episode where Pastor Phil, played by Jason Alexander, spoke at her Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

“Becky sees [Pastor Phil] as a truth talker,” Goranson said. “Not someone who’s dancing around things. He’s really gritty, to the point where [there’s no] filigree to what he says.”

Goranson Said That She’s Gotten In Touch With Her Character Through Becky’s Trials

Turns out that she digs what Pastor Phil is talking about. So much so that Becky introduces him to Darlene, played by Sara Gilbert.

“She says to Darlene, ‘Look, this guy is the real deal. He’s not pretending to be someone he’s not. You wouldn’t believe that he’s actually a pastor,'” Goranson said. “Turns out, Darlene gets what Becky is saying.”

Goranson has played Becky Conner for many seasons on both “Roseanne” and “The Conners.” Something that the actress has done is really connect with her character. That’s especially true when it comes to Becky’s alcoholism.

“I guess I don’t realize all the time how connected I am to the character until something like this happens,” Goranson said. “And I think, ‘Oh my gosh, can’t Becky get a break?'”