Some ‘NCIS’ Fans Think the ‘FBI’ Franchise Is Superior

by Chase Thomas

There is no debating how successful both NCIS and FBI have been as television shows over the years. Both have extremely large and dedicated fans who love both shows and their stars immensely. Naturally, because the shows run in the same circles, the debate as to which show is better was bound to happen at some point. Well, over on Reddit, fans of both programs have debated which show is the superior one.

The original poster did not pose the debate, however. The user wanted to know if he was alone in how he felt the show was writing their agents and if it was starting to go downhill after 20 years on CBS. Posters tended to side with the OP, but one poster added FBI into the discussion. The user wrote on the forum, “After binge watching FBI and FBI: Most Wanted, it makes NCIS look like absolute fluff. I still love it but def. not on the same caliber unf.”

His perspective was the new show, and its spinoff is just on another level than NCIS at this point. Another user replied to his post and agreed with the OP as they wrote, “I did something similar after finishing those shows and it definitely proved to me that FBI has got way more oomph then NCIS and it’s not a sign of the times it’s just NCIS running out of ideas. The first 5 episodes shook me more than the last 5 seasons.”

There was no unanimous decision on the debate, but the general sentiment did seem to indicate fans are perhaps getting antsy about where the show is headed these days.

Sean Murray on ‘NCIS’

Working on NCIS, and working with that subject matter has to be hard for the actors on the show. Sean Murray is no different. The actors go through a lot all day on set.

Murray told Starry Mag, “It’s gotten easier over the years to get over that. Frankly, our hours not nearly as hard or as long as they used to be. An average day for us is about twelve hours of work. The first few years of a show (definitely with us and especially with most shows) you are kind of figuring out what you are and what works and what doesn’t. So, it’s slow in the beginning in terms of figuring out what you’ve got, what you are, what is working and what you’ve got to twist.”

Those are long hours and that’s a long day. It’s a lot of figuring out as you go on the set of the CBS show.

Murray concluded, “We know what we are so we are in this great space where we are able to play inside of a world that we’ve already established. We know the characters very well and we know their backstories. We’ve done a lot of fun things.”

Over time, they’ve gotten more comfortable with the cast of characters. It makes it easier when you know wh your character is.

You can watch NCIS on CBS.