‘Sons of Anarchy’ Fans Still Can’t Forgive Jax for His Worst Sin

by Lauren Boisvert

Jax Teller has done a lot of nasty stuff in his time on “Sons of Anarchy,” but there’s one moment that fans agree is his darkest. The moment came in season 5, when Jax’s ex-wife Wendy Case, played by Drea de Matteo, filed for custody of her and Jax’s son Abel.

Jax wasn’t having that; Wendy was an ex-junkie, formerly addicted to meth, and up until now, fans felt that Jax had been motivated by his need to protect his family. But when this happened, feelings soured towards him.

In order to keep Wendy away from Abel, Jax drugged her and caused her to relapse into her drug habit. He forced her to do meth again, even though she’d been on the straight and narrow for some time. Eventually, Jax and Tara come to trust Wendy, and Jax makes her the legal guardian of Abel and Thomas at the end of the series. But this was a moment where Jax basically went off the deep end.

After this moment, Jax seemed more motivated by revenge than anything else. He’d gone through so much tragedy up until this point, but that still doesn’t excuse his actions. This moment was definitely one of his darkest and most sinister.

Wendy eventually got clean again and gained Tara’s trust, then Jax’s in the wake of Gemma’s betrayal. It’s a testament to Wendy’s strength and determination to be a good mother that she’s able to stay clean and take care of the boys.

Fans’ Wild ‘Sons of Anarchy’ and ‘The Sopranos’ Theory

On the subject of Drea de Matteo, fans have come up with a theory connecting “Sons of Anarchy” and “The Sopranos” in an unlikely turn of events.

One fan on Reddit took the coincidence that de Matteo had supporting roles on both shows and ran with it; they claimed her characters were the same person.

On “The Sopranos,” de Matteo played Adriana, Christopher Moltisanti’s girlfriend. Her drug problem caught up with her, similar to Wendy Case, except Tony Soprano had her killed when she tried to get Christopher to go into Witness Protection with her. Silvio Dante took her into the woods and shot her, but because her death happened off-screen, fans theorize what would happen if she actually survived.

There’s a moment in “Sons of Anarchy” where Jax takes a female coworker to a warehouse to show her where he intends to start a business. She looks unsettled, and Jax says, “What, you thought I took you here to Adriana you?” That’s a direct reference to “The Sopranos” right there. Could that be Jax referencing his ex-wife’s backstory?

Unlikely. Not to burst the bubble, but there’s no real reason for “Sons of Anarchy” and “The Sopranos” to be connected. But, after all, half the fun of watching these shows is to speculate and theorize like this.