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‘Sons of Anarchy’ Star Ron Perlman Is Engaged: Everything to Know About His Fiancée

by Maggie Schneider
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

“Sons of Anarchy” star Ron Perlman is now engaged to actress Allison Dunbar. Here’s everything you need to know about her.

Congratulations to the happy couple! Ron Perlman popped the question and asked Allison Dunbar to be his wife. The best part is that the actress said yes! In an Instagram montage of the couple, Dunbar makes the big announcement to her followers.

“My fiancé is tres hot,” she smoothly writes. Fans and friends of both actors are sending their best wishes to the couple.

“I am so in love with this and couldn’t be happier for you guys,” @laurenswickard writes. “Yay!! This is beautiful. Congrats sweet friend. You deserve all the happiness. ❤️”

This will be the second marriage for both stars. They both have children as well. For instance, Perlman first married Opal Stone and shares two children with her. Allison Dunbar first tied the knot with hockey player Sean O’Donnell and shares a daughter with him.

The couple has not confirmed any other details regarding their wedding ceremony. While we do not have a date yet, we will be anxiously awaiting more updates.

Get To Know Ron Perlman’s Fiancée

Fans of the “Sons of Anarchy” star want to know more about his soon-to-be wife. Allison Dunbar is a prolific actress. The 49-year-old lists many guest star credits on iMDb. The Sopranos, Quick Draw, and 2 Broke Girls are among some of her best known characters. She has also been involved in some classic shows, including CSI and Yellowstone.

Dunbar and her fiancé worked together on the Crackle series StartUp in 2018. This is likely where the pair first met.

In addition to acting, Dunbar is a comedian. She is in the improv comedy troupe for the Los Angeles theatre The Groundlings. Following in Kristen Wig and Will Ferrell’s footsteps, the venue and comedy school fosters comedic talent. Dunbar is a main company member.

In addition to her work, the actress calls herself a “protector of dogs,” “dancer,” “world traveler,” and “tequila connoisseur.” Followers of the star can see the many different sides of Dunbar on her Instagram page. From traveling to Italy with her “Sons of Anarchy” man, to posting videos of her pup, fans get an inside scoop of what her life is like.