‘Starsky & Hutch’ Stars Opened Up About Decades-Long Friendship

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images)

With plenty of action scenes and more than enough car chases to satisfy any cop-drama fan, Starsky & Hutch became a mainstay within its genre when the series premiered in the mid-1970s. It’s even become one of the most iconic cop shows of all time. Breaking the mold for the genre featuring buddy cops as they go about solving some big crimes each week.

Starring Paul Michael Glaser as David Michael Starsky, and David Soul as Richard “Hutch” Hutchinson, the series took television on by storm in 1975. Giving audiences some big-crime-solving action each week until the show’s finale in 1979. The series was so popular in fact, that the names Starsky & Hutch have become almost synonymous with the “buddy cop” genre. But, what was it like when the camera’s stopped rolling? Did the two actors maintain the same kind of friendship that their television counterparts found in the series?

The answer, note the stars of the show, is a definite yes. In fact, while Starsky & Hutch was the series that paired the actors together in television history, the stars of the series got to know each other well before the cameras began rolling. And, the actors note, they maintained the same friendship well after their series ended, as well.

“We knew each other before Starsky & Hutch,” notes “Hutch” actor David Soul of his friendship with his longtime Starsky & Hutch costar and on-screen partner.

“And have been close friends all these years since,” the actor adds in a discussion with The Sunday Post.

‘Starsky and Hutch’ Stars Became Fast Friends On and Off Camera

The costars also note that the time they shared starring together in the popular series for four seasons did lead to a strong bond between the two. Even as they went on to continue their careers begin families after Starsky & Hutch went off the air.

“One thing David and I had and still have is a very deep friendship,” Paul Michael Glaser has said of his long-standing friendship with Soul.

While the two actors remain close over the last fifty years, neither one of them has ever been ready to return to police the streets featured on Starsky & Hutch. In fact, they say, the original may have just caught a lucky break, to begin with.

“It wasn’t that good the first time,” quipped David Soul of the hit detective series.

“It just caught the imagination and everyone liked the car,” the Hutch actor adds.

“I liked the car,” Soul adds, joking maybe that maybe this could be the key to a Starsky & Hutch reboot.

“Maybe the car could make a comeback,” David Soul quips. “But I don’t think Paul and I could run around like we used to.”