‘Station 19’ Fans Are Worried About Another Star After Dean Miller’s Recent Departure

by Jonathan Howard

The last episode of Station 19 was one for the books. The crossover with Grey’s Anatomy ended with a beloved character, Dean Miller, passing away. After sustaining injuries from an explosion while responding to a scene, Miller did not make it to the hospital alive.

Since then fans have been mourning the loss. Actor Kieriete Onaodowan is no longer with the series and that has viewers looking to the future. Although the theories are expecting more heartbreak from the show. Also hurt in the blast was Vic Hughes. She is currently fighting for her life at Grey Sloan Memorial.

Fans think that Hughes could be heading for the same fate as a previous favorite on Grey’s. Mark Sloan was in a similar position and Hughes might have even quoted him a bit when talking about love. It was when Lexie Grey died in Season 8 and just before Sloan would fall into a coma, never to recover, when he talked about telling people you love them while you still have the chance.

“If you love someone, you just tell them. You tell them,” Hughes said. “You don’t kick them out and then save their life and then move away. You tell them.”

This is the scenario fans don’t want. Vic gets a little better, starts to recover. Then she tells the rest of the crew to make sure they tell those in their lives that they love them….and “flat lines,” as one fan put it on Twitter.

There are more similarities between the two. Like Mark, Vic made it back alive and when she heard of her would-be lover’s death she suffered a heart attack much like Sloan. The next episode is going to be a big one and fans are so worried.

‘Station 19’ Fans on the Edge of Their Seats

This whole situation with Dean on Station 19 has caused quite a commotion. Right now, the parallels between Vic and Sloan are too much to ignore. However, would the show repeat an arc like that just to pull at heartstrings? Perhaps they would to an extent.

If it comes out next episode Vic dies then there will be so many viewers in their feelings. Despite that, let’s hope that Shonda Rhimes has thrown a curveball in there for us. We love rewatching old Grey’s but please don’t take Vic! Since Dean has parted with the show, fans are in a fragile state. A Vic death could send them over the edge. Joking aside, viewers are going to want to strap in and see what is to come.

Station 19 has done such a great job incorporating into Grey’s Anatomy and the world has been built out bigger with more characters that fans love to watch. Dean Miller was a favorite, but actor Onaodowan wants to explore other career options. From Hamilton to TV, Oak should be just fine wherever he ends up.