‘Station 19’ May Have a Long Hiatus Before Next Episode

by Lauren Boisvert

Lots of drama has befallen “Station 19” in recent days, but fans will possibly have to wait until February to see how things unfold. That’s because ABC will be airing the Winter Olympics, and some of their programs will be taking a backseat.

That includes “Station 19.” Unfortunately, there won’t be a new episode for a while. But, we can speculate on what’s going to happen when the show does return.

First of all, we have Victoria Hughes to deal with. She’s been spiraling out of control ever since her electrocution and Dean Miller’s death. In the winter finale, she almost made a grave error that would’ve cost her and Station 19. At a Crisis One call, she attempted to take a woman’s child to get the woman to follow her out of the house and away from her abusive husband. This was a mistake; she could have gotten arrested for attempted kidnapping. This also could have gotten the Crisis One program shut down, which, as Jack Gibson tells her, is the only thing they have left of Dean Miller.

A lot of the drama seems to stem from Vic’s headspace right now; she also kissed Jack and pushed her boyfriend away. Both things that could come back to bite her. She’s not in the right mindset to make any big decisions. She needs to ask for help, but she’s stubborn and thinks she’s fine. In the new year, she’ll probably realize that things are not going well, and she needs help. I’m sure Station 19 will be there for her when that time comes.

What Could Fans Hope to See When ‘Station 19’ Returns?

There could be more relationship drama on the rise; in a previous episode, Andy told Sullivan that she slept with Beckett, the captain that everybody hates. Sullivan thought Beckett was trying to undermine Andy and take power from her, but they actually hooked up instead. She had to reveal that it wouldn’t happen again, but will it? Are they really one and done?

Hopefully, the new year will bring more crossovers with “Grey’s Anatomy.” The last time the shows crossed over was November 11, and we’re due for another one. Does that mean someone has to get seriously injured in order for us to visit Grey Sloan Memorial? Possibly. Dean Miller just died, and I can’t see “Station 19” killing someone else off right now. But, maybe just a minor injury so we can get back in that hospital.

A crossover with “Grey’s Anatomy” would also be a good opportunity to explore the characters a little more, outside of the fire rescues and emergency calls. An illness or an injury is a good opportunity for a character to reevaluate their life, if they’re having doubts about something (cough Vic and Theo cough). However the show comes back, I’m sure fans are going to be thrilled when it does.