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‘Station 19’ Thanksgiving Feast Will Rival Any of the Reagan Family Dinners on ‘Blue Bloods’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

It’s Thanksgiving and the team at Station 19 has a lot to reflect on this season. This dinner is going to rival even the best family dinners from Blue Bloods. There’s nothing like a big, long table with a bunch of chairs and a bunch of food.

In a sneak peek of the upcoming episode, the station gets together for an early feast on the holiday. It appears that a lot of work and dedication went into the meal. As they each come into the large, makeshift dining room, there is a notable piece missing. Of course, Dean Miller. The late firefighter has left his daughter behind and it looks like the crew has done a great job making her feel comfortable.

This video also reveals a big decision between Maya and Carina. The Station 19 couple could be taking a big step in the near future. Holidays can make folks make hasty decisions, this appears to be genuine though. Check it out below.

The video opens up with a somber song as they all file in and sit down. The turkey is carved, the tea is poured, and the Station 19 crew starts to talk and celebrate. Baby Pru is there and Maya and Carina look on as others play with the young child. As the music fades out, we get to hear Maya talk to her wife about the ideas she has been having.

‘Station 19’ Maya and Carina Becoming Mothers?

As the music fades and Maya begins to talk, we get a great moment between the two. The couple is a fan-favorite and if Maya is serious, there will be a great story arc coming on Station 19. It might take a little convincing for Carina, but it appears that Lieutenant Bishop is ready to start a family.

“Today was a lot for him [Gibson]. It was a lot for everyone,” Maya said. Carina agreed and called the day a “disaster, a pretty beautiful one.” Maya continued, “It was. I mean, all of it. There were disasters happening in the kitchen, and in familiar, and on the roof. And we’re all in pain and heartbroken. And yet, when there was a child in the building, we were all fine. When there was a child in my arms in the middle of it all, I was fine. We kept her fine, we knew how to keep her fine. We can do this. I can do this. Let’s have a baby.”

There will be a lot of emotions around the dinner table when the Station 19 crew sits down for Thanksgiving. However, there could be a bright horizon approaching. When the show returns from their fall break next year, will Bishop be pregnant? We will have to wait and see.