‘Station 19’: Vic Has Hit Rock Bottom But Will She Recover?

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage)

Vic Hughes has been through so much in just a short amount of time on “Station 19”. Recently, she was electrocuted during the same emergency call where Dean Miller died. Now, in the winter finale episode “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” she made a critical error at a domestic abuse call.

She’s been spiraling and making mistakes, and her friends have been trying to tell her to take more time off, but she hasn’t listened. Is Vic going to recover from her emotional turmoil? Or are things just going to keep getting worse for her?

First of all, let’s go over what’s been happening to Vic in the last episode. At a Crisis One call, she endangered a woman and her baby and almost got arrested for kidnapping. When the woman called about her abusive husband, Vic tried to take the baby to get the woman to leave the house and the husband. This move could have ended with Vic in jail.

Also, that move could have endangered the Crisis One program as well. Dean Miller started that program, and Jack Gibson had to remind Vic that Crisis One is all they have left of Dean. For that to be shut down, means losing the last bit of their friend and coworker that they have.

Vic also argued with her boyfriend Theo Ruiz, asking him if he hated her, and generally pushing him away. If she wants to break up she should just say so. Evidently, she’s not in the mindset to make those decisions, and is just lashing out at anyone in her vicinity.

‘Station 19’: Why Victoria Hughes is Going to Make it

After all that, though, I believe Vic is going to come out of her spiral. She’s definitely hit rock bottom after the winter finale. It’s only a matter of her seeing it.

She has her friends at Station 19, yes, but she could benefit from going to therapy. That would make interesting scenes on the show, and allow us to get to know her better. Not that we don’t know her well enough after 5 seasons; but, her inner workings, and how she feels about things. We’re a bit in the dark about those things. We would get a more in-depth look at this character as she processes her trauma.

The others at Station 19 can tell her she’s spiraling all they want, but it’s up to Vic to really acknowledge that she’s having trouble. I foresee her reaching out to someone she works with and asking for help in the new year, possibly breaking down and realizing that she’s making errors in her work. Her mental state could put herself and other people at risk, and she needs to process her emotions.